LDW-451S and CD-Rs w/ cyanine dye - advice needed

Here’s the deal. It looks like my Liteon drive doesn’t like media with cyanine dye at lower speeds than 40x. Yes, that’s correct. I get good results scanning the burnt discs at 40x, but when I drop the speed down to 32x or 24x, very weird C1/C2 spikes start to appear (TWO C2 spikes when scanning at 32x). I never had these kind of problems with phtalocyanine discs.

A couple of days ago I was pretty excited - found out a store that had TY discs, for the first time here. However, when I saw the Kprobe results, I didn’t feel that good anymore.

If you have some time, check out the test results at

Thanks in advance!

the high single-block error spikes are a reading glitch in the DVD burners, and do not represent teue errors or any sort of problem with the disc. This spike is well documented in these burners, just ignore it.


I understood that only C2 spike was okey. The same goes for C1 spikes? But it has something to do with cyanine discs because the spikes don’t occur with phtalocyanine ones.

And by the way, that AZO disc scan gave me zero C2 errors, no spike at all. That was a first one for me, so far I’ve always had a C2 spike, no exceptions.

And that two C2 spikes thing at 32x is also rather queer…

as i mentioned here i have these spikes too.

And they are also visible, if i scan a normal pressed cd, not a recorded one.

But this spikes disappear, if i scan lower than maximum.
So i am a little bis surprised, that your spikes dont disappear at lower scan speeds and that they are at different positions. Mine were always at ~33min.

More confusing is Nero CD-DVD Speed quality test: These spikes appear as long as i scan with C1 error checkbox enabled. Its the same picture as with kprobe.

But if i disable the C1 error checkbox, these C2 errors do not appear! :eek:

And the weird large spikes are shown only at 24/32 speeds, 40 and 16 for example are perfect… Fishy.