LDW-451s and a Panasonic DVD-RV32

I am having a problem burning dvd’s using my new LDW-451s for playback in my Panasonic DVD-RV32 standalone.

My problem is that the dvd’s I have burnt will play in every other standalone I’ve tried(about 7 or 8 of them) but will not play in my panasonic. My panasonic standalone will also play dvd’s burnt in other burners(pioneer, sony, plextor).

I’ve tried various different methods of copying using dvd shrink, dvd decryter and nero 6, and also dvd x copy.

I have also tried a number of different brands of media, TDK + & -, Fujitsu + & -, Princo + & -.

What i would like to know is, are my player and burner uncompatible or am i doing something wrong? Will future firmware updates address these issues? Or am i going to have to fork out for a different burner or standalone?

Try quality DVD-R media like RiTEKG 04 and I´m sure your compability will improve.

From what I found here, your standalone has a hard time with DVD+R/RW

i had some problems when i was authoring stuff that did not have menus come up automatically (in tmpenc dvd author you can just choose to have it play instead of display menu.

everything i have done with dvd shrink has played but i don’t really compress the menus much so maybe that is the difference.

only media problem has been princo 1x
other than that dvd - or + including +rw have played fine