LDW 451 @ 851 or HP DVD 300c


I have been up until last week using a Liteon LDW 451 on the whole with good luck, only a few coasters. Ive found the +R discs it likes and have stuck to them.

Last week I bought a new HP a520n which has HP DVD 300c +RW burner. I am wondering whether or not this is a better burner than the Liteon or not? and which would be better running with the Nforce 2 motherboard on the HP.

Also do HP make their own units, or is this a rebadge. If so does anyone know who makes it.

Your opinion would be appreciated.



The HP 300 drive, IIRC, is a rebadged NEC 1100A. I don’t know NEC drives that well, but I think that it wasn’t until their 2x00A series that they got their reputation and that their 1x00A series weren’t as vaunted.

IMHO, a 451S@851S with the GSC2 firmware will probably turn out to be better (and faster) than the HP.