LDW - 411SX won't verify with Nero 6

Hi all,

My first post. I just a Lite-On DVD write about a month ago, finally got my rig all set and stable and images made and now…

Nero 6 Ultra will not verify data when written to DVD. Any known issues or tweaks. Rig in sig is stable, voltages check out, etc. I burned multiple data discs of my images and around 20 differences are found. The burned discs have compressed audio and also also compressed images. I tried upping the buffers and amount of memory available to no avail…

I am using the 4x External Lite-On DVD burner…model LDW - 411SX…maybe a I need a firmware upgrade?

Should I ditch Nero?

I am using some TDK DVD+R’s got em’ at Target and they robbed me.

thanks for your help


Got this reply from AMD forums but I also searched the archives and found a post I am still reviewing as it pertains to this drive.

"Here is the firmware straight from Lite-On. You do want the updated firmware for the latest media support and other fixes. It is trouble free and you don’t need to be scared as long as you follow the instructions.


With NERO 606 upgrade and 411SX firmware FS0K I can’t burn DVD (RITEK) anymore.

The AHEAD web technical support recommended a full clean-up of NERO with their GeneralCleanTool and then re-install. I personally added a clean registry step in between.
This WORK : I can now burn DVD … despite the NERO CD-DVD Speed tool is still giving error message (they are still working on).