^ does this burner suck? People here seem to like the lite on burners and I’m looking to go really cheap with my purchase. for a few bucks more there are benq, HP, samsung, LG and faster Liteons I can buy but before I even look at those do you think this will suffice… I mainly want to backup my PS2 games and maybe backup a dvd movie here and there and don’t realy care about speed as long as it gets the job done

What’s a 4510? :confused:

sorry I changed it, wrong copy and paste lol

there, its fixed

The 411S doesn’t suck, per se. It’s just… very variable. There are some great 411S units. And some that, well, suck.

The 451S was a much better model than the 411S. :wink:

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hmm… ok then 451s it is

I’ve recently bought a 411s OEM(black) for $49.00 with free shipping!!! :wink:

411s writing quality sucks!!! Very bad kprobe scans!!!

dillin, I would rather go for Lite-On SOHW 812S if you want a cheap, reliable and good quality DVDRW drive.
(I bought mine some weeks ago, the drive is burning perfect! :slight_smile:

Sure, LDW-451 is also a good choise, as code64k suggested.

LDW-411s? Hmm, I think you better forget it. :cool: