Ive noticed that a firmware for the LiteOn LDW-411S has been posted at http://www.firmware-flash.com/.

Whats the diff. between this drive and the LDW-401S?



No firmware has been posted for the LDW-411S. We’re just getting the download block ready for if one ever is.

The LDW-411S may be their Dual format burner.

It appears that NTI has tested this burner. http://nti.downloadtech.net/pub/support/supporteddrivedb/NewDrives.txt


hi DHC,

Thanks for your reply.

I’m not convinced that NTI has tested this burner because if you have another look at that page it lists a number of other Lite-On burners, many which havent been released yet.

I hope that the 411 is released soon … and that the 401 is mechanically the same :wink:



:frowning: Getting worries that the hardware will indeed be totally different and out little bubble will be popped NevOz.

All the same, if Karr said it all that time ago, and still maintains its the truth, we can live in hope right?!


hi Zebra,

Were you able to find any info on the 401’s chipset?

I think the main reason I’d like the dual functionality is that it’s easier and slightly cheaper to source DVD-R discs (rather than DVD+R).

Even an el cheapo store called “Cheap as Chips” here in Adelaide sells stacks of DVD-R. BigW sells plenty of DVD-R, but haven’t seen DVD+R there for a month.



Lets put it this way,

I ask the “right people” and ask the “right questions” but those who know the answers dont generally seem to be of the inclanation to help out on our little quest. I dont know, maybe they are bound by some kind of agreement to not say, in which case, I completely understand.

Its almost as if its a confidential bit of information or something! What irks me a little more is that it all seems so taboo for some reason I cannot rightly understand.

Quite frustrating. So, I ask again, if anyone has specifications, chipset details concerning the actual capabilities of the specific chipset found in the LDW-401S or any other information concerning what write strategies this drive is capable of, I would really appreciate some information, if in the instance that it is not sensitive information.

Additionally, I too am finding it not that easy to get DVD+R media. Its expensive, less available and generally gets the “nar, why would we stock that format?” drill from the know-nothing sales people in the stores.

Ahhh well, maybe the LDW-411S will give us the grain of hope we have been after?

Anyone know anything more about it yet?