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Anyway… weere in the right place now…

Well, i got this drive brand new a few months ago (prolly like 5months max)… and have had problems with it sinse then.

The problem is, i can burn DVD’s fine… verification of the disk with neros inbuilt verification tool suceeds with no errors. But, when it comes to playing back the DVD’s on my player, the dvd hangs randomly and somtimes skip whole sections. I’ve tried burning to a variety of dvd’s at different speeds, but the same problem arrises, so im assuming its the recorder thats the problem, and not the media.


Current DVD Media: RITEK DVD-R 4x (GO4)

Any ideas? (KProbe .png attachd).


Scan your disc at 4 speed and I bet the scan will look better.
And I think it will burn +R better than -R


4x scan attachd. I’ve tried +R and -R disks. Same random hanging of DVD’s :(.


the scan looks like :Z

you can upgrade your drive to a 811S.

download the eeprom util, reset learnt media and crossflash: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/utilities/EEPROM_Utility-2.0.7.rar

then update the firmware: http://codeguys.rpc1.org/firmwares/stock/811S.HS0R.stock.rar


OK. I’ve jsut done that, looks like its worked :slight_smile: Hope it fixes this.


make a test burn and post a pic of the scan.


OK. Just done a quick 4gb data disk ( don’t got any movies at hand to burn and test on dvdplayer :frowning: ). Heres the result [attachd image].


i got simelair scans on my 811 with DVD brand datatrack
but the nero cdspeed scan curve are smooth and the al play and read well
sometimes i dont know what to believe

perhaps it is not a bad burn at all ,has the dvd errors? can,t you copy the dvd to your harddisk? etc if thats the case than it is a bad burn

personally i think HS0R is not the best firmware i use older [HS06-HS0E ]


it’s time for a new drive…


mmmhhrrr, is it really that bad? any suggestions for a new drive then?:slight_smile:


the scans are really bad… are the discs working ok?

if you want a lite-on, get the 1673S. if not, then wait for the BenQ DW1640.


Well, the disks are Ritek - and i tried disks from 2 different cakeboxes just incase one batch was bad - same problem - dvd’s hanging etc. Whats this about benQ drives, not heard much about em. Can’t seem to see any of their drives listed on ebuyer or places like that, must be special :slight_smile: That DW1640 looks quite smart on their website, any idea when it will be released comercially?


The 1 series of Liteon or poor Pie/Pif readers, it is not reliable at al.
I think the 411@811 will perform better.
Try a speed scan with Nero CDspeed on a DVD-rom drive, and I suggest you try to burn a DVD+r and see if that make a difference.


righty, ill get some +r’s in and give em a bash.


This is the results for a disk burned on my Pioneer drive using the same media as i did when burning on my lite-on drive: