Ldw-411s writes ok but will not read


I have a problem in that the 411s writes ok from the hard drive but will not copy cd’s or install games.

I just get the message “only part of a readprocessmemory or writeprocessmemory request was completed”

I rushed out and bought this unit on previous liteon experience but am now starting to regret it…

Can any help?

Im running xp,p4 2g, 512 ram…

I have a Toshiba DVD drive + a Liteon411S FS07 on XP PRO

  • I had exactly the same message but on the Toshiba drive since i have installed the 411S
  • Explorer stop responding (for a long time) when inserting a new CD on the Toshiba drive
  • I burned succesfully a 100min CD
  • I burned a DVD-R PRINCO, UNREADABLE on both drives (see other(s) topics abour PRINCO medias on this forum)
  • I’ll try Verbatim DVD-R after changing PRINCO one today

Tried to burn : DVD-R Verbatib (mitshub.chemical) : FAILED x 3
returned it back to the store and change it for a Pionner 106 :frowning:

A bit more info :

After a lot of messing around with settings I discovered that it will read CD’s perfectly when in PIO mode, but when set in DMA mode it cant read cd’s or dvd’s???

I’d leave it in PIO mode only its really slow…

Does this help any?

Welcome to the forum!
Your problem sounds more like a system issue than a drive problem. I would first try the drive on another system.
Check that you have all drives jumpered correctly, IDE cables are up to date, current IDE controller drivers and last but not least you have an adequate power supply.


What motherboard are you using? Does it have an Nforce chipset?



Not sure what type of chipset it is, its intel I think?

How can I find out?

I’ve just seen you have a P4 system … I think NForce is only for AMD systems. Disregard my post.