LDW-411S - Want to go back to FSOF... Help?


I’m currently using FSOJ and getting inconsistent results so I would like to go back to FSOF where it seemed to work better. I’ve read through all of the threads on how to extract bin files from exe’s but for the life of me cannot make it work. Is there any way someone can point me to a FSOF bin file for the 411S so I can downgrade my firmware. I’ve looked all over the board for this also and had no luck so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Use FlashFix to make the FS0F executable reflashable into the drive. If you had looked under the Comprehensive LiteOn Tools Collection, you would’ve found it.

Sorry there’s a lot of information in there and I got hung up on the utilities for extracting the bin… my BAD…

Thanks for the info