LDW-411s vs Optorite DD0203 /new firmware?

Ok, first let me state this is a duplicate of my post at anandtech, I was basicly referred here.

Ok, someone tell me which one of these drives to buy!
The liteon only has a 2mb buffer, and from the reviews on newegg at least, some people don’t feel it is as worthy of the liteon name as some past products. BUT, it is a liteon, you can count on firmware upgrades.

The Optorite is very reasonably priced of course, and there are a lot of them out there. Have seen complaints of media compatibility, but as another user said here, that is quite common for most dvd burners. Also, the new firmware supposedly solves some of the problems with dvd -r media. Oh, and of course the Optorite has the 8mb buffer.

I don’t really care about the HD burn technology, so that’s not a factor. I would love to be able to use one of these drives to back up my C drive with ghost. Could you burn directly to dvd from within DOS? Or would you have to back up to another hard drive first, then split the segments, then burn to DVD?

Also, which ever I buy, it will be replacing one of the optical drives already installed. Should I pull the pioneer slot load DVD ROM, or, should I pull out the 52X Liteon CD Writer? I of course will be backing up lots of my purchased DVD’s, so for the sake of ripping DVDs, would I be better leaving the dvd rom in, or ripping with the DVD burner??