LDW 411S stopped working ..please help

here is my setup

windows xp,512 mb ram 2.8 proc,80 gb HD

burnt many dvd’s using this drive with G03/G04

always burnt at 2x using dvd decryptor, used dvd shrink to make iso

yesterday selected speed 4x instead of usual 2x to burn a iso file on G04

got an error then closed the application using end preocess and re-booted
the pc

now the pc does recognize the dvd writer but when I insert any blank/recorded dvd just gives message ‘media not present’

also won’t show up in explorer

tried uninstalling the driver and re-installing it but still does not work
please help


Run NeroCheck.exe. Maybe this fixes your prob.

thanks…shall try today eve

no solutio yet…if anyone has suggestions please give

The drive may be dead, in that case you’ll just have to replace it.

Try the drive in another computer, if the same problems occur there, then the problem lies with the drive.


Let me guess, you have owned your 411s for more than 6 months? I bought mine in Dec 2003 and it started acting weird around June. I RMA’d it and they sent me back an refurbished one that still had problem and just 2 weeks ago, I got a new 411s.

yes i have used it for six months …will lite on replace it free of cost for me…if yes
i can give it a shot…tell me what i need to do to get it replaced
thanks in advance

Start here:


You have to contact someone in Tech suppport to issue you an RMA.

Good luck