LDW-411S stopped reading most media

Setup is Athlon XP 1700+, 512M, Seagate 120G ATA/100, Liteon LDW-411s (FS0K).

This drive used to give me no problems with any media, and lately it has become extremely finicky with most CD and DVD media. As noted above, I’m running the most recent firmware, but my problem started when I was running a couple versions earlier. I noticed that it wasn’t picking up certain CD-Rs and pressed CDs that I was inserting, and now it won’t read most CDs. It also coughs up DVDs that I burned with IT less than 6 months ago!

Any advice on where to start. Aside from the firmware, nothing has changed on my system. Anyone else experience this behavior with Liteon drives?

Welcom petregeus. The 411S is three/four generation behind the current LO burners. If this were your main/only drive in the computer, the PUH has probably exhausted its usage. Even if you try to get new media, it will most likely not support them since it is only a 4x drive. It might be time to have it RIP and invest in a new one.

Ah, that’s too bad, but I guess it makes sense with the symptoms I’ve been having. Yeah, it’s my only drive… very small micro-atx-based system w/ single 3.5" bay.

Oh well, they’re selling nd-3550a down the street for 25 bucks, so I guess this is my excuse to buy one.