Ldw 411s refused to recognize dvd+r

My recently bought ldw 411 s refuses to recognize DVD+r and dvd-RW disks. Formatting fails. Nero, pinnalcle studio ans Sonic are unable to write a dvd.
Is this a hardware problem. I’ve installed the latest firmware.
:confused: :frowning:

My 411S with the latest firmware still struggles with Princo-RW and Imation -RW. Wont read/write etc.

Cheap media… :eek:

If the DVD-RW discs is princo, then the discs is the problem… Try some Verbatim DVD-RW as these seems to work just fine.

Who have manufactured the DVD+R discs you are trying? They may be incompatible.

Neither are recognized.
I’ll try Verbatim!

Had this with DVD-R (TY) and FSOB… FS07 or FS0F have no prob…

I just found out that it won’t read a normal DVD.
Could the problem be that the region code is not set for this drive? And how do I set the region code?
It’s driving me nuts!
It reads an writes cdroms, but no dvd’s.
Could this be an ASPI layer problem? I’ve read about that somewere.

You have upgraded to the latest firmware FS0F? If not, please do that.

Both sentinel and mmore is pretty unknown brands and probably get their DVD discs from the factory where it’s cheapest to produce them.

Are these mmore DVD+R discs 2.4x or 4x?

MMore seems to be manufactured by Ricoh.
Most people suggest the problem lies with the quality of the media. If so, I wouldn’t recommend Liteon drives because of the critical behaviour on this aspect. I’ve owned a Philips CDR drive for years and never had any problem.
However, the drive should read normal DVD’s, shouldn’t it?

Sorry, forgot to answer a few of your questions.

Yes, the formwar is the latest.

The DVD+r disks are 4x.

I ment firmware, not formwar.

If www.dvdrhelp.com and www.instantinfo.de is correct:

Sentinel 1X DVD-RW: Optodisc manufactured (should work).

MMORE 4X DVD+R: Optodisc manufactured (should work).

Do you have the possibility to try the drive in another computer?

Have you tried to restart the computer with the disc in the drive? do it detect the disc after the restart? Do not eject it!

If it detects the disc after restart while the disc being in the drive while restarting, then it’s a software problem with your computer.

Busy solving the problem.
In microsoft knowledge base there’s an article describing problems with intervideo applications.
I had intervideo windvd installed.
I uninstalled it and was able to format a DVD+r.
Drive now does play movie-DVD’s.

Anyway, seems i’m going the right way now.
Thank you all for thinking along.:smiley:

So the story ends.
Sick and tired of the ldw411, I just ordered a pioneer.