LDW-411s is dead!?

I noticed some odd activity after I pdated my drive to the new firmware. instead of reading it as a dvd/rw as windows normally does (in My Computer) it said “CD drive”. I know windows is goofy so I tought nothing of it. later Ihad to reboot after updating the firmware on my cd/rw and when windows came up my 411S was not showing up at all!!! I pressed eject and nothing. i rebooted again …nothing. i shutdown changed power cables …nothing. there is no power at all. it just up and died. I know the obvious question is “did I flash the lite-on with the cd/rw by mistake” …no i tripple checked that before i hit “flash”. Before I flashed i was having an odd problem with verbatiums new dvd-rs (the ones that look like movie reels) I had to put the dvd in 3 or 4 times before it recognized it, but then it worked …burned a dvd just fine. I remember reading about compatibility problems on the verbatium box and the suggestion to update firmware so thats why i did it. was it just going bad or was it the firmware? can i save this drive…or is it now a complicated paperweight?

Is it detected by the BIOS? If not, then you may wish to consider trying a dead drive recovery. You will find all the necessary information here:

no my bios wont detect it at all…it has absolutly no power anymore. the LED dosent come on even in other computers. Will the dead drive recovery work with no power? and if o where an I get the bios bin file? the lite-on site only has an exe file. I’ve tried e-mailing them about my problem and I got about as much help from them as I would form a chimp. First they only read half my e-mail, I told them how I was having problems reading media thats why I uped the firmware. They told me to use smart burn to check the media…the didn’t however read the other 25 sentances to see that the drive will not power up…nor did they read the e-mail subject line which read “LDW-411S has no power can you help;” how is smart burn going to help a dead drive?? I then re e-mailed them to find a solution…they told me to try it in another computer…which I already told them I did! then they suggested to return it to the retailer for repair. but I bought the thing 6 or 7 months ago form circuit city somehow I dont see them helping me. Are they retarted over there?

the following is the e-mails from me and lite on. am I crazy or are they on crack? Or maybe to lazy to read my e-mails from begining to end?:

Dear Lite-on:
Around december I bought one of your Ldw-411S DVD burners. I was very
pleased with it and all its functions. But now I have a serious problem. I
recently bought some new dvd-r media (Verbatim), It took sevral tries for
the drive to recognize the disk… but when it did it burned ok (the movie
was a little choppy but that maybe a mpeg quality issue) I then noticed
the verbatim box mentioned compatibility issues and firmware updates so I
updated. when I restarted the drive came up in windows as a cd-rom and not
dvd-rw as usual. later I rebooted again and this time the drive was gone
compleatly! I tried hitting eject but it had no power I switched power
cables with my cd/rw and still no power. even tried another computer and no
power still. Is there anything I can do to save my drive? I really liked my
burner and I dont have another $100 bucks to shell out for a new one.

—Hoping you can help
Michael R. Flaherty

Dear sir or madam,

We will suggest you use the disc made by vendor with good quality.
It will get the better quality for writing. Attached file was the
It could check the media. Please help us send the result in JPG format .
(See attached file: SMARTBURN.zip)
Would any further information, please kindly visit LiteON IT Corp official
web site - www.liteonit.com

Best regards,

thanks for the help with the media question but what do i do about the
fact that my dvd-rw will no longer power on. the thing is less then a year
old and it seems to have up and died after the firmware flash!!

Dear sir or madam,

Please try to install the drive to another PC in order to verify its
If it still couldn’t work , please send it back to the retailer you bought
the drive for repairing.
By the way, please make sure all the applications were closed while running
the firmware file.

Would any further information, please kindly visit LiteON IT Corp official
web site - www.liteonit.com

Best regards,

Dear lite-on,

As I have previously stated i already tried the DVD-RW drive in another
computer and it still didn’t work. I bought this drive in December form
circuit city (USA). It has been quite a few months and I no longer have the
reciepts. Will they still take it to be repaired. Also how much will this
repair cost me? I am not shelling out $80 to fix a $100 DVD burner. This
whole situtaion is very upseting. This will be my THIRD e-mail about this
problem. It seems as though you are only reading half of what I write. Can’t
I send the drive directly to you? Some how I don’t picutre Circuit City
helping with a drive I bought from them 6 months ago. If you can’t help me
and I have to buy a new drive I will, but I really liked the drive I
purchased form you and would hate to have to replace it.