LDW 411S hanging with nero !*desperate*

i posted this on the nero forum and id like to try here too please.

I have a problem with my Lite-On LDW411S and Nero
I have successfully burnt the DVD +R and RW that came with the burner however my problem is with the DVD - disc’s.
When I attempt to burn a DVD-R (W) Nero freezes (or hangs if you like) after “caching of files started”.
The “used read buffer” does not activate and there is no activity from my burner.
When I try to click anywhere on the Nero screen the “not responding” message appears on the blue bar and I have to re-boot the computer to close Nero down.
I have tried a couple of different brands of DVD-R (W) with the same result, so I think it may not be the media.
I have trawled the forums for advice –
I have tried disabling the XP Burning Settings –
Uninstalling Nero –
Re installing Nero –
Etc. etc…
Nothing works ??

I have the latest Firmware for my burner and the latest update from Nero.
If this continues do I have to reformat and start from scratch again ?

Could someone PLEASE HELP with this problem as I have been bashing my head against a brick wall for over a week now.

The forum is full of similar reports concerning Nero and other apps not being able to burn DVD-R discs. For most of us with these problems, a common thread appears to be the Via chipset, specifically the Apollo Pro 133A.

I believe there are also some users that are having -R difficulties due to the latest (and pulled) FW upgrade.

Assuming it’s not the media itself (it could be), a couple other thoughts are bad RAM and some sort of IDE driver issue.

Non-MS IDE drivers are suspects in this mystery. If you have VIA or Nvidia IDE drivers, or Intel Application Accelerator, uninstall them and use the Windows defaults.

I do not have these problems with a 411S and Nero, and I’ve tried a variety of good and not-so-good media in both +R and -R formats.

I do know that the latest firmware, FSOG, has been pulled by LiteOn following reports of imcompatibility with 2.4X -RW discs. If that applies to you, you can use the flashfix utility from the LiteOn tools thread to roll back to FSOF.

I’ve used the newest revision of Via 4in1’s as well as trying half a dozen older versions and I have not had any luck with -R burning. At this time, I am using the default MS IDE drivers and still no -R burning is possible for me. I had been able to burn some -R’s when I had HS0E installed the first time. I went to HS0J and after seeing problems I eventually flashed back down to HS0E…since then I can’t seem to burn any -R discs, either good or bad, with most burning apps.

I have tried Nero as well as and,
Burnatonce (with valid prodvd key), RecordNow Max, and others.

I did have some luck with CopyToDVD but that uses its own Patin-Coufin drivers so there must be something inherently better as far as burns go.

Right now, I have settled on just using +R discs and am totally content until this situation plays out.

I have not tried using my Liteon 411s with +R media because I don’t have any set top players that work with +R.

I have experienced the same problem but it goes away and sometimes comes back.

See my post here…


Good luck


Yeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaa as you Americans put it, my burner accepts the – format now, I’ve followed the advise of ftc and others and I’m no convinced the only workaround is to do what others(and I now) have done and install a ata 133 pci controller card.
I would say definitely that the chipset is the problem.
I popped the EIO AP-1680 ATA 133 RAID PCI HOST CONTROLLER in last night and did 3 test burns with nero,2 that worked fine, the other failed at lead out at 4x so I slowed it down to 2.4x and that worked.
Thankyou one and all for your assistance over the previous few months, your all wonderful,