LDW-411s: EAC drive offset

EAC always ends in an endless loop (at least it gives the impression)
when trying to determine the drive’s offset. I’m using a test CD created
by EAC (used with many drives by now).

Any ideas? :confused:

Read offset +12, write -6

Thx, but how did you retrieve these values when EAC always locks up?
Or is somethin’ wrong with my drive? I… don’t understand…


Sorry for a late answer.

but how did you retrieve these values when EAC always locks up?

Yes, it did. But Nero CD Speed Advanced DAE test doesn’t.
We need only write offset for 411S and its combined offset for calculating read offset if we can’t use EAC.

Write offset we can determine by EAC:

  1. Write EAC offset CD with 411S with offset 0.
  2. Test combined read offset in drive which real read offset we now. In my case it is LTR-52327S. Its read offset is +6. After testing with our test CD we get combined offset 0 and so write offset for 411S is 0-(+6)=-6. We’ve read EAC FAQ pages about offsets, didn’t we?

Then after we know write offset of 411S we make Advanced DAE test disk in Nero CD Speed and run this test for a few seconds. All we need is combined offset which shown quickly. In our case it is +6. And again after referencing EAC offset FAQ we can calculate necessary value: +6-(-6)=+12. Real read offset for 411S.

That’s all. Sorry for my ugly English.

Once again: Thx for this explanation.

Originally posted by RedDaemon
Sorry for my ugly English.
As long as it’s much better than my Russian… :wink:

Fixed in FS0G (still using the same EAC version).