LDW-411s dvd-r flash

I have been told today by 2 separate retailers that Liteon are compiling a database of dvd-r media. There will be a firmware update released within the next week.
The retailers are being asked to feedback to LiteOn which dvd-r media they sell, so hopefully it will be possible to use the cheaper media.

A quick question, have you tried Taiyo Yuden 4x DVD-R media? I have been using them, and only them so far and don’t seem to have any problems. Even though there seem to general issues with these drives when tested with burn quality software, all my dvd burns have come out without any major issues.



I can second this. All my TY DVD-R 4x are playing 100% ok. I think TY achieves a very constant quality.

I find the ritek G04 work very well.
That is all I can find locally.
I will stick with the ritek’s for now

I hope you don’t bought this:

(from your posted shop)
Datasafe DVD-R Classic Ritek GO4 4x (10 Tub) (ME-001-DS)

The photo of the disc looks like a disc with sunburn…

I’ll stick on Verbatim DatalifePlus (4x) now. 10 pcs for only 16,99€.

The datasafe discs work a treat. No duds yet.Cheaper than the verbatim as well.
As for the colour they are the same as all ritek G04’s, so I don;t get the point you were trying to make
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Look at the picture in the shop (you’ve posted a link in another thread). There’s a Ritek whose surface looks like rests of some kind of plastic foil (=like peeling skin after a sunburn)

That is the shrink wrap the pack of ten discs come in.
Have you never seen that before?
It says they come in tubs on the website but they are shrink wrapped

I thought so. I’m not a friend of shrink wraped discs. In my oppinion this is like shipping harddrives in antistatic bags without further protection.

This is doing my head in, I reckon we need a post saying what this drive currently DOES and DOES NOT play/write well etc. Including what the then burnt discs have been tested on…ps2/xbox/dvdplayer/dvdrom etc…

I so badly wanna buy a DVD writer right now, but I’m so confused… LiteOn 411s or Pioneer 106? ARGH!

pioneer or nec 1300a

they work perfectly for xbox/ps2 etc

returned my 411 and got me a nec 1300a
flashed herrie’s hacked firmware

now i’m burning cheap 1x media at 2x :slight_smile:

no coaster yet :slight_smile: