LDW-411s doesn't play DVDs

Hi guys

I have some trouble with my LDW-411s. I finally managed to write DVDs without the PC crashing on me (stronger powersupply) but now I discovered another problem. I watch DVDs via a RealMagic Hollywood Plus hooked up to the TV and so far I didn’t have any trouble watching movies with my LTD-165H and the DVD Station. Now with the LDW-411S, The DVD Station claims, there’s no DVD in the drive. No matter if it is a DVD-R or a DVD purchased from the store. I remember I had to set the LTD 165H to “ALL regions” in order to play my overseas DVDs but that doesn’t seem to impress the LDW at all. The Problem is, that the normal DVD-Rom drive doesn’t seem to like DVD-Rs. Does anybody have an Idea what I am doing wrong?

System config is: WinXP Pro, Abit AK73 Pro, Athlon 1GHz, Hollywood Plus, GeForce4 MX, LTD-165H, LDW 411S.