LDW-411s cdr burn errors

I find that when im burning cdr blanks i get errors at 8x,16x and 24x but the errors stop when i burn at 40x,anybody else get this weird problem?I like to be able to burn slower for obvious reasons of music and video burning and just to know i can burn at those speeds when i want without errors.Have to add now that im getting errors at 40x times now,seems like i`ll have to do a rma.

Can anyone with a ldw-411s tell me that they can burn cdr blanks consistently with no errors before i ship this one back?

why do you want to burn less than 40x unless the disc are not rated 40x…

i have a 401s and a 52x liteon burners and i never burn at slow speeds and never have any problems with high speed burns and GOOD media…

good media i use is
Verbatim datalife
verbatim datalife plus
Fujifilm ( the ones that are still Taiyo Yuden)

what media are you using?

What errors are you getting?
when burning or play back/reading?
or when verifying with nero?

I need to burn at slower speeds for svcd and due to the fact some media are not reliable burned at 40x plus i shouldnt get burn errors at lower speeds anyways,i get playback glitches and dropouts when playing svcd and verify errors with dvdinfo pro and nero cdspeed,Ive been burning cdr for the last 4 years and this burner just doesnt burn cdr reliably like my lg 48x burner which i gave away.

What type of CD-R discs do you use?

I’ve not tested lower writespeeds than 40X due to the fact that write quality have been excellent at 40X for all discs I’ve tried.

As I see it: When the quality is perfect at 40X, why write at lower speeds? :confused: As quality can’t be better than perfect to my experience :wink:

On the other side it’s true that many newer writers is best optimized for the faster write speeds. This is not a problem for Lite-On only, other drives have it as well.

Im using mitsui,memorex,generic and they all produce the same type of errors at all speeds 8x-40x,very poor results on nero cd speed and dvdinfopro,playing the svcds ive burned show too many glitches and freezes,my lg 8480b burned the same brand of cds flawlessly as did my other burners before that.All i want to know is if other people can burn cdr with this model with good consistency.

i have the 401s which is the same except it only burns DVD+R but the cdrw side is the same as far as i know.

I burn svcd with the media i stated above and never get any problems… no glitches or freezes…

i burn them on the 52x burner also and get none of the problems… i had a old 8x plextor cdr that would give constant glitchs no matter what speed with only svcd everything else was fine! but that was ages ago! :slight_smile:

i get fast reads in nero cd speed…
kprobe graphs look great!

have you tested the disc with kprobe?

what is the speed rating of those disc?

mitsui should be good and memorex should burn good too… now the generic who knows! :stuck_out_tongue:

use cdr identifier on those disc and see what manufactuers they are.

I sent the burner back for rma and put back in my 48x lg and its burning all the same blanks perfect with no errors or bad or weak spots.