LDW 411S Blue Screen From Hell?

I Just Bought this drive a few day’s ago and after updating the firmware have no trouble burning or reading but what I do have trouble with is that I keep getting a bsod with this drive hooked up and it doesnt matter if I am actually using the drive in a program or not…Happens in game’s or when Watching Movies from that are on my HD. it only crashes in programs…I can Run windows and internet explorer for day’s but games and media software all crash… When I disconnect the drive I never get a error of anytype…yet the drive records and reads just fine… compatibility prob?? Firmware or just bad drive?

Window’sXP SP1
Abit NF7-S (Nforce drv. 2.45, “MS IDE driver”)
amd xp2600 barton
512 pc2700
GF4 ti4200
Liteon LTR-52246S

btw have tried just with the LDW-411 as master on sec channel by itself and as slave…

My first guess would be, that your powersupply is insufficient or instable. I have heaps of trouble writing DVDs using XP. I run a 1GHz Athlon, a GeForce 4, two 30GB HDD, a DVD-ROM and the DVD-Writer all on a 250W Powersupply and it just isn’t enough anymore. If I disconnect the second HDD, the discs burn fine, with the second drive enabled, XP packs in with a BSOD. Using W2K, things are ok.

It looks like your problems only occur, if you run applications that require a lot of CPU power (movies, games etc). This could be an indicator for an insufficient powersupply. Maybe the DVD-writer is just the drop, that makes the barrel overflow.


I have a enermax 350w i kinda thought the same thing at first so I unplugged anything that i could and it made no diff so I took it back and got the 811s instead just put it in have not tested any yet