LDW-411S auto eject after DVD burn?

I love my LDW-411S it works great, but after burning it automatically kicks out the DVD tray. I use AnyDVD and Clone DVD to burn discs and I can’t find any settings that would dissable this like Clone CD can. My machine runs XP and I unchecked the auto eject button on the drive properties through the device manager, but it still pops out the disc tray when it’s done burning the DVD.

Thanks for your help in advance.

uhh nothing i know of can stop the ejection unless you want to break the motor in your liteon and eject it manually. you want some good advice though, download dvd2one, i love it so much more than clone. its nice to keep clone to see about what % in quality you will be getting but dvd2one works better (use variable mode). after you create the files, use nero 6 to burn the files (you can play with the options on nero to stop the ejection after burn). anydvd is a great program. so download those programs and email me if you need serial numbers for them. good luck

Has anybody figured a way to keep the Lite-On LDW-411S from auto ejecting after burning a DVD disc?

It’s purely a function of the burning app, and has nothing to do with the hardware. It doesn’t eject with DVD Decrypter in ISO mode, for instance, or with Nero 6 if you don’t ask for file verification. I’m not familiar with Clone DVD, but you might find an answer at www.dvdrhelp.com

You have to shut it off in your software. It is not in hardware.

In anyDVD i dont have a clue.

in nero:
Nero–>file–>preferences–>expert features–>voila there it is!!

I know how to do it in Nero. I want to know how to do it in CloneDVD. I guess you can’t, perhaps in a future release.