LDW 411s and Verbatim CD-RW media

Hello everyone!
This is my first port in the forum. I have recently purchased the Liteon LDW-411S as the only dvd/cd player/recorder on my system (size constraints). I was using a bunch of Verbatim DataLifePlus 8x-10x CD-RW discs, being recognized and used in several cd-recorders (hp, lg, liteon proper -don’t remember models-) both at home and at work, EXCEPT the 411s!
I’ve just flashed the last firmware FS0F, but nothing has changed. The LED keeps flashing a long time until finally it stops. I can’t even use the SmartBurn software since it reports no cd in the drive.
Any help?

Hi and welcome! :slight_smile:

For your pleasure I went off and popped in a Verbatim datalifeplus CD-RW 700Mb 8-10X, manufactured by mitsubishi. And it works perfect here.

I also have to mention that the disc was pretty new (bought one month ago) and written to 1 time only.

Why not grab a few 24X Ultra speed CD-RW discs from verbatim in the store? You would love the faster speeds and they don’t cost that much…at least not here.

I still have problems. Now my 411s only recognizes DVD media, either pressed DVDs or DVD+R/+RW (I don’t have -R/-RW). When I place any CD (either pressed, CD-R or CD-RW, I’ve tried a lot already), the unit’s LED starts flashing while an acceleration noise can be heard, to be decreasing soon after, then almost ceasing noise with the light still flashing until the drive remains silent. The complete sequence lasts about 30 sec or so. If you leave the disc inside and try updating the file manager unit letter, the LED is flashing again until Windows reports no cd in the drive. Eventually some other hissing-like noises, including a short louder one at the beginning, can be heard. This behavior has happened after flashing firmware FS0F. I’m using Windows XP Pro XP1 with Total Commander, and the 411s is attached as master on the secondary IDE channel, where I also have my third hard disc. I also have Nero 6 and InCD installed.
Is there a way of coming back to FS0B?

Try removing InCD.

I have removed my LDW 411s from my system, coming back to the old LG cd-rw writer. Albeit noisy, it can read the few Imation DVD+RW I burned with the liteon before the firmware upgrade to FS0F. It must be said, this drive works fine with DVDs, but in my case I couldn’t get it to work with CD’s. I hope tomorrow morning I will get my money back…

right you are!

My ldw 411 burns cdr’s perfectly, but no DVD’s.

Kicking it out of the window right now (or waiting for better firmware)

I had the same problem, and i have change my 411 !!! .

Did you use Pinnacle software ??

I’ve had my 411s only a few weeks, for the 1st week I was only burning CDR’s & have not had a single dud. Since then I have burnt 3 DVD-r’s using DVD x copy all have burnt in 15-20 miutes and all have worked perfectly in my Toshiba DVD player…

(Please don’t tell me what I’m doing wrong as it seems to be working)…

I have the same problem. Yesterday i connected my brand new Liteon 411S, flashed to fs0F and burned 2 DVD+R with success (at 1x speed instead of 4 but O.K.).
Then i tried to make a backup of some files to CD-RW. I tried Memorex 10x - burn error in the middle of burning.
The next try was Verbatim 10x (mitsubishi), burning O.K. but data cannot be read (CRC error). Both RWs was used without problems in my old Yamaha 3200E.

I have firmare fs0F, Nero 6.23, WinXP, NForce2 (Abit NF7-S) drivers 3.13.

Any suggestions???

Hello again. I had that strange problem with a 411s FS0F not recognizing any CD, only DVD. I returned the unit to the shop, explaining the ‘symptoms’. They were reluctant to believe me, and tried the unit themselves. They were using two different computers, pentium4 and athlon XP based, using the drive as master and/or slave on the secondary IDE. Eventually they had to confirm that the drive was really unable to detect any CD/R/RW they tried! Could it be possible that some calibration area in the flashable memory or even the laser control (not for DVD) got damaged due to the flashing procedure? Maybe the latest version has some hidden pitfalls?