LDW-411S. A real drive or just a test sample?


Went and took a look over at firmware flash for myself concerning the presence of this “LDW-411S”.

I noted that no firmware is there for the burner yet, but, to even have a download slot, I assume the drive is now in production?

Can someone explain the difference between my drive (LDW-401S) and the LDW-411S?

Has my drive been totally and completely superceeded already? Did Liteon change the chipset in this new drive?

Any feedback, much appreciated.

OK, it is the dual format burner as I said in the other thread, and will likely be what is released as such whenever it is ready. It is also identical (hardware-wise) to the LDW-401S and you may be able to flash your LDW-401S with LDW-411S firmware. Lite-ON could potentially prevent the upgrade though.

Zebra, you need to have patience.

Thanks dhc014,

You are right, I have little patience for this kind of thing. I guess this is what happens when you work in the computer science sector in a country that is the last to hear about anything (us poor aussies…).

I know a lot of people who will be quite happy about this, albeit not official yet.

bonsoir ,

j’ai commander en france un graveur dvd 401 s 4x dvd+r c’est le même que le graveur dvd 411 s ?

Merci de vos aides

i have a graveur dvd 401 s 4x dvd+s it’s identique than the 411s ??

le firmware existe ???

thanks you

merci beaucoup


Apparent oui, le Ldw-411s est identique au 401S. Le progiciel n’est pas dehors en ce moment, mais vous pourrez l’améliorer à l’avenir, quand le 411S est libéré.

And please speak in English next time, :wink:

thanks you

do you know the out of the firmware 411s ?

you know or it y’ has a test of the liteon 401s

the liteon is a good engraver dvd?

thanks youuuuuuuuuuu

Nope, the firmware of the 411S is not out yet. The Lite-On is a good DVD writer, but media compatibility could be better. NOw relax, dhc014 will let us know when he gets the 411S firmware.

you think that the firmware leaves soon

how you know that the 401s is the 411 if it did not leave

thanks you


It is the same chipset. We were informed of this several months ago, before the drive was even released.

dhc014 said that the 401S and 411S are the same drive with different firmware. That is good enough for me. I am just happy that all this is possible. Stunning value really, albeit not something every person with an LDW-401S will do. I suspect however, that this is the way things should be, and the way Liteon would perfer it!

Might pop over to the media forum and ask for recommendations on DVD-R media.

Currently, these would be wise choices:

MCC 00RG200 
MCC 01RG20  
MCC 01RW11n9
MCC 00RW11N9

Or whatever the real codes are…

Actually, even media not on this list works. Like Sony discs.


I know of a shop I can grab some TY’s at. Might have to pay a huge premium all the same.

Tell me, can we expect to see totally different behaviour in terms of write strategy when writing to a totally different form of media?

To clarify that, when writing to DVD+R, we have experienced relatively obvious patterns in the way KProbe reports PI/PO’s to us.

Will the minus standard change all that as the write strategy is totally different?

…Maybe I am asking questions that cannot be answered just yet…

I suppose the scanning patterns will be pretty similar to what other people get on their DVD-R drives? I guess you should ask this in the Media forum, of people who have DVD-R burners or dual-format burners.

when I engrave dvd with the liteon 401 there is no problème.Quand I engrave Cd I cannot read it in a reader even the engraver do not want to read it

help me please

Which blank CDs are you trying to use? Can you post the ATIP? Use Nero Info Tool or KProbe to find out.

Any more news to speak of dhc014?..

Felt quite happy today. Convinced several friends to buy the drive based on its “flexibility”.

So far all concerned are extremely happy with the drive.


Only just noticed this thread.

Things looking promising, Zebra.

If even CMC media works, then i’d say the firmware is not bad …

So has anyone tried to convert the 401s into 411s?
Any point in forking out the few extra dollars requested for the 411s?


Also, Would u ppl go for the liteon or for the pioneer 06?

thanks again!! :smiley:

Anyone put the 0F firmware on this drive yet? I tried twice and both times it gets to 99% and hangs. My drive is new out of the box with a rev of 02 so i would like to get it up to 0F.