Ldw-401s ...yeah Baby!

Having toyed with the idea of purchasing a Sony DVD+R/DVD-R
i’m please to announce that my preorder LITEON LDW-401S
finally arrived on Friday 3rd October.
First impressions…well it was a breeze to install and the updated
firmare ESOG was applied without a hitch.
Performance… I’ve backed up 15 movies that i own using the
SONIC MYDVD software that came with the drive. All 15 movies
were backed up without any problems. The media i used was
RITEK purple 4.7GB DVD+R 4X.
I’ll be trialling DVDXCOPY XPRESS over the next couple of days
along with DISKJUGGLER before i decide what software i should
use for burning.
I’ve heard that DVDXCOPY XPRESS can backup an entire movie on
one 4.7gb disc so i look forward to playing around with it.
Conclusion…I would recommend this drive to any one looking to
purchase a DVD Writer. It looks good,it’s very quiet and it really rocks. LITEON RULES!!!

P.s… Bring on the firmware update to allow owners to also burn
using the DVD-R format.


The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.

Another happy customer…^_^.

Good to see you are having a good time with your drive! I am happy with mine for the time being also…

Just a case of getting good media and sticking to it I think!


I really don’t know what this fuzz is all about! Probing your media making some kind of science out of it. I never had problems with any media I used in my 401S! Philips, Verbatim, NoName, Sony, TDK, Traxdata and others just work fine!

Join the club!

Now download dvdshrink+nero and see how easy and quick it is to make dvd copies.

Hi Peroni…I’ve been using NERO for quite a while my current version is 6. What is DVDSHRINK? i’ve never heard of it.

System Specs
Gigabyte 8ihxp motherboard
512 mb of Rambus memory
Creative ti4400 128 mb graphics card
Creative soundblaster digital 5.1
Yamaha YST-MSW5 subwoofer
Yamaha YST-M200SP speakers
LITEON 40125s CD writer.


The TRUTH is a LIE waiting to be told.


All the info you need are there.
It’s freeware too!!
Max respect for the guys who wrote it :bow:

Hi, I’m new on this forum

What about CD performance of this drive? (99min overburn, latest safedisk protection copy, audio ripping etc…)

I own LTC48161H and I’m fully satisfied of all the features and performance of the drive. I hope that 401s could have the same CD features of my drive. Can anyone answer me about this?

Hello I’m new here and I want 1st to say HI…next thing …HEEEEELLLP !!
I also have a new 401S, the first thing that i do was put the las firmware 0G, and i begin my long way to crazines…

I’ve been reading that forum (and others) and I understand that that dvd-writer has some probles with some media…I’ve tried every dvd+r I’ve found in the shops here in Mallorca (Spain) and the only one that works for me are the Platinum x4 (Multispeed also broke…) no fault in writing but when I put it in the DVD-player (in any…) it gets…Nothing (Various cheapest media, 2x) Menu and no more, others Image and works but at the last chapters it pixelates and goes (Stop) - Verbatim 4x, Memorex 4x, Platinum multispeed, Richo…
The only other that I’m able to play is a TDK 4x (but is very expensive) I have 19 DVD+r until i go out of that brand -Platinum 4x(I don’t find it anywere)…do you thing that is something with the Lite-on (not working ok) or is something with the DVD+R (media)…I apreciate sugestions ?
Thanks to all…

It’s a combination of media and drive. The best advice that I can give is to stick with what works. A firmware update could improve compatibility in the future.

That’s strange. I never experienced any problems with any media I bought. For now I tried Ricoh (+R 2,4x and 4x, +RW 4x), SK (+R 2,4x), Philips (+RW 4x) and Verbatim (+R 4x) and never experienced any trouble neither in my standalone DVD player nor in my PC.

I read that there are problems but that a great number of people work with media I have tried (Philips 1-4x was one of the last, and Verbatin x4 the last one) and nothing at the last chapter ir goes off…and not only in my Pioneer 450, and if it were the Lite-on why the %& work’s in the platinum x4…maybe something in the configuration of the nero 6 (but i’ve tried other programs)
apreciate suggestions…

I am looking at getting a 401s, not being an expert on DVD CDRW stuff, Can I make a “backup” copy of any DVD movie with an “out-of-the-box” LiteOn 401s DVD-RW, and also keep the CD-R backup burning traits of Protected CD games ?

Using an LTR 48246s now for cd backups.

As for movies: yes, but this is IMHO not a feature of the drive but depends on the software you use. Programs like DVD shrink or Pinnacle Instant Copy are capable of resizing a movie DVD which has a capacity of usually about 9 gigabytes to the DVD-R/-RW size of about 4.3 gigybytes. Such programs usually compress the video stream and/or drop parts of the DVD such as trailers or other unneeded stuff. Additionally, some remove copy protection mechanisms and/or the region code protection. The result easily can be burned as a video DVD, which every DVD writer is capable of.

I do not play games but what I read here about copying this kind of material, it seems to be difficult to find a reader and writer that is capable of copying the current copy protections. It seems that this writer is not the number one choice for this area of application but others might correct me if I’m wrong.

Thanks Tank,

From what I can pick up around here, The LiteOn 401s will do “ok” with cd burning, just not as fast as say my 48246s copy-protected cd’s or not.

I have no problem sacrificing some speed for DVD copying capabilities, but,.

So, with a 401s, I still need some “special” software to backup my Black Hawk Down DVD. And there will some reduction in playback quality ,I assume, as well.

I guess now I am wondering why I even want a DVD burner.

You don’t “need” a DVD burner, but you will love it. The needed Software is, regarding DVD shrink, for free and the recoding time is very short. The quality differences are not visible, maybe for extreme picture quality enthusiasts - but for me it’s simply perfect.

With a DVD burner you are able to copy the full movie with the menue, all extras, subtitles, audio streams and so on with crystal clear picture quality. Okay, not everyone needs that but I simply love it :wink:

ok, now yer’ talkin’, wants not needs, that is “me”.

I am a “gotta-have-it-guy”, only if it is cheap though.

I will tell my wife “you” said I needed it !!!


Browsing for best price tonight !!

I have the 401S and love it. I have never had a problem. The only media I have burned to are Maxell’s DVD+RW and DVD+R. The last movie I copied was “Daddy Daycare” for the kids. I ran this through DVDShrink then copied it to a DVD+R using Nero 6. I am also impressed with how quiet my drive is. I have to get close to the computer just to hear it spin. I have it set up as master on IDE2 and a Liteon 48246S CDRW as slave.

Hey sc0ttL,

How have you got your Toshiba DVD connected ?

Dell seems to prefer CS settings [cable select] for plumbing up the optical and hard drives instead of Master/Slave.

The LDW-411s is at Newegg now for $139.99

As I’ve said before only one media works in mine…but if 1 works it means that the 401S isn’t broken ¿no?, I think that is a great burner…but i get frustrated (and poor) trying to find a media that works…
I’ve change to master in ide2 but no change…