LDW-401S produces unreadable disks

Recently got LDW-401S from Dell (f/w ES0G). Disks burned with this device seem to be readable only in some drives. I’ve got latest drivers for my nForce2-based motherboard (someone suggested that IDE drivers may influence burns quality). I use Immation DVD+R (made by Ricoh) and TDK and Maxell CD-R (both made by Ritek). I understand that media may be the issue (though both Ricoh and Ritek seem to be considered as good media as far as I can see from other posts), other drives like my previous LiteOn and Teac CD-RW/DVD combo in Compaq Presario notebook had no problem burning good cds with this media, especially AudioCDs, readable in all standalone devices I have. I used bundled Sonic software and then Nero and

Any suggestions are very much appreciated.

Experiencing the same problem… DVD is only readable in my dvdr(w) and not in my Aopen DVD player… Have tried UDF and ISO format but still no readable disc:a

Are we the only ones experiencing this problem ???

Thx for any help …


that is not an acceptable solution for people at all… its even worse if they are not technical or good a working with hardware or software to update their drives…

your telling them to possibly destroy their drives …

what if they have little computer knowledge and mess somethign up then can not fix it!

call dell and then theyar e screwed out of warranty

call dell and get a replacement
then try other options

SiliconSoul is right … as a software engineer I can’t tell customers to hack the registry to get a program working if they don’t understand how it works… same for me with hardware… it works or it doen’t.


I am using nero which is the latest 5.5 version. It works fine when I read the disks in my dvdrw. If I copy a dvd it works fine with a normal dvd player (one not in a computer). But only in my Aopen DVD player and a dvd player of a friend it is unreadable.

If I cannot solve it by adjusting settings (in for example Nero)… I will try if I can read them in a newer model of DVD player… the AOPen is about a year or 2 old… I’ll rather replace my normal dvd player than convert my dvdrw …


[B]that is not an acceptable solution for people at all… its even worse if they are not technical or good a working with hardware or software to update their drives…

your telling them to possibly destroy their drives …[/B]

Read my post again - I’m telling them what I did to fix my problem, I’m not telling them to do the same. It is up to them whether or not they are willing to take the risk.

It may not be an acceptable solution for all - totally agreed. But it has been for myself. I now get great burns. Whether or not they are technically competent to perform the conversion, it is still a real option.

You are suggesting that they do the same as you… how is that different?

So basicly your saying you did something illegal?

Any Moderator or forum user could print out this thread and send them to Liteon as evidence then they come in request your IP to get your acct and info from your ISP and then you get could possibly get sued…

so are u suggesting that they try and get sued too?

[QUOTE]Originally posted by siliconsoul
You are suggesting that they do the same as you

I’ll say it again, I never suggested that they do the same as me.

so are u suggesting that they try and get sued too?

You can get all legal as much as you’d like, and go as overboard as much as you like. I’m not here for an argument, I made an informational post with my own findings. You can take it however you’d like.


Get a grip. Who gives a damn if someone converts his 401 to 411. It would cost Liteon more money to investigate and bring the suit than they could ever hope to recover in damages. And then they would have to prove that they suffered “damage”, which would probably be difficult to impossible. You are going overboard for something trivial. Reality check time buddy.

Hell, if I had a 401, it would be a 411 by now. And anyone who had a problem with that could go take a flying leap.

For those willing to take the risk, the 401@411 solution to the problem is acceptable the them, and that’s the only one who matters. Frankly, it’s nobody elses’ business. Do you freak out and make a big deal if you see someone driving their car a little faster than the posted limit?

Jeez, some people…



telling first time users i did this and it helped is not good when it could destroy their drive if they do not have a clue how to fix it and void their warranty.


changing and deleting your original post helps me read it alot

YOUR SAYING I DID THIS AND GOT THIS RESULT. (so u should do it too) but u did not type it but u implied it.

implying that they will get the same result.
maybe they will… maybe not.

their warranty might be voided on the whole computer for modifying it.

PS if your not going to help him in a constructive way do not reply.


are you burning CDR or DVD+R?
what drives have you used it in?
what standalone dvd players or audio players?
does it not play at all or stop while playing?
if its data does any of it read?

[QUOTE]Originally posted by siliconsoul

deleting your original post helps me read it alot

I removed the post because your big mouth turned it into an issue, which is the last thing I wanted. I don’t want to risk CDFreaks getting into trouble because of you.

Sure, people could damage their drives by doing it incorrectly. But firstly, people know that there’s risk in the procedure. Don’t take them to be idiots. I’m sure the majority of people would not return their drives under warranty if it was self-inflicted damage.

first do not blame it on me!
it was you who posted what you did. NOT ME.
second im glad you are so sure they would not return a drive they messed up. Have you ever worked for a place that does warranty? Well i have and people will admit that they damaged the product and still want a warranty… whether it is physical damage or software damage. It happens more offten than you think. It is part of the reason why anything now a days is so expensive because companies have to charge US for people damaging products and returning them.

This discussion, however valid, does not solve the problem. If someone can help me out it is greatly appreciated. In the mean time I have installed the new firmware for my LDS-401S but the problem remains. I am still looking for a firmware update for my AOpen dvd player, in the hope that that solves my problem.


what is the model number of the dvd player?

what the problem might be is that your dvd palyer is not compatible with DVD+R

i was looking for AOpen on
because they have a huge list of players and what models people have found to work with which discs… vcd,svcd DVD-R, DVD+R

AOpen 16XDVD / AMH, that are all the details I can get from the properties tab.

Kprobe states the following
(R12 seems to be the firmware version, because if I switch to my Lite-on I see ES0J which is the last firmware for my 401S)


Installed R17 Firmware for my AOpen… this solved the problem… YES !


thats great!