LDW-401S newbie burn query



Burning great at 4X on Verbatim discs (30 for $46 at Sam’s ;>)

Trouble is, they play fine on either of the LiteOn drives in my PC, but give disc errors on my standalone Toshiba SD-1200. The player is an oldie but goodie, and it should work according to the DVD+R compatibility lists I’ve seen.

Tried with DVD Encrypter, DVD Shrink and Nero, all at default settings, with no joy.

Anybody have this machine, or a suggestion as to what I might try?


Try to play them in a friends\other standalone dvd player first as it looks like its your player is at fault .(not compatible with dvd+r)
Then you will know for sure if it is the player or the discs
Also make sure your player supports dvd+r especally if its old…


Appreciate the reply. I’ve seen this player listed on two separate sites as DVD+R compatible. It was a very popular player a couple of years back, and apparently some people have had better luck than me. Any authoring/copying tips welcome.


according to dvdrhelp, ur player definitely doesn’t support +r (or +/-rw either for that matter).


In the comments section at dvdrhelp, two of the first four posters say it does work with +R, one of them using the same Verbatim media. Others further down seem to confirm that.

At DVDplus.org they also list it as compatible with plus.

You may be right, and I may wind up forced to replace it, but I am going to risk a few more coasters to see If I can find a combination of software, media and settings that will work.

I was hoping someone here either had an SD-1200 or could offer some suggestions on what to ty.



The problem may well be that the Toshi doesn’t accept the Book-Type +R or +RW. Bit-setting is NOT possible on the 401s…yet. This would allow the book-type to be changed to DVD-ROM (similar to pressed discs) and the Toshi would probably be fine.

I am speaking in terms of my experience with a Ricoh MP5125 burner and a Toshiba SD2109 player. It won’t accept +R or +RW or -RW but it will play the same content perfectly when the book-type is set to -R or ROM.

Hold on to your 401s is all I say…there are lots of things, in the wind, to come with this burner.

Studebarc :eek:


I bit the bullet and spent a whopping $69.99 for a Magnavox DVD453/17 (a progressive scan Philips player with support for every imaginable format.) Plays everything I can burn, including DVD+R and even .jpeg slideshows.

I’m hanging on to the Toshiba in anticipation of the glorious day when LiteOn release a firmware update that will allow my LDW401S to go dual-format.

Popcorn anyone?:cool: