LDW-401S Media Identification



I remember reading in a couple places on the forum that the LiteON LDW-401S is incapable of reading the manufacturer codes on DVD+R media. This is false. It seems that all the programs are just incapable of doing it. All the programs EXCEPT nero CD speed. With a disc in the drive, go into nero CD speed and from the “extra” menu, choose “media info”. This gives the manufacturer and code of the media. I believe this is what everyone is trying to, if I am not mistaken. Please forgive me if I am way off on this.

(something to keep in mind about this media identification as well, if the media is identified as Ricoh, it’s my understanding that it’s manufactured by RiTEK. )


With most DVD+R/RW drives you can only check the manufacturer ID after you have burnt something on the disc. If you do that other programs like DVDInfo should work fine too.


Yeah, I really hope that Lite-ON adds the ability to show the manufacturer of a disc without burning to it in a future update.