LDW 401S - Audio Discs reads inconsistent

Hi All;

As most of the LDW-401S users I have been waiting on the new firmware. When it finally arrived I downloaded it and installed it in the hope that it would fix the errors I kept getting when burning audio discs. Unfortunatelly this didn’t solve my problem.

I am using Nero as the Nero 6 version has reported bugs. No additional burn programs installed.

The audio discs are not always succesfully read. Skipping parts, unable to find the “marker” where the tracks start. It’s pretty frustrating… Below you will find disc info I retrieved with Kprobe.
The discs I am using are MMore CD-R90 (multispeed) produced by Makrolon. They have never given my any problems with my plextor. Maybe a setting in Nero ?

Hopefully someone knows a solution to my problem.

Thanx in advance


Disc Type = CDR (B-)
Manufacturer = Moser Baer India Limited

<< Disc Information >>
Erasable = False
Status of Last Session/Border = Complete Session/Border
Disc Status = Complete Disc
Number of First Track/RZone on Disc = 1
Number of Sessions/Borders(LSB) = 1
First Track/RZone Number in Last Session/Border(LSB) = 1
Last Track/RZone Number in Last Session/Border(LSB) = 14
Disc Identification Valid(DID_V) = False
Disc Bar Code Valid(DBC_V) = False
Unrestricted Use Disc(DRU) = False
Disc Type = CD-DA or CD-ROM Disc
Disc Identification = 00000000h
Lead-in Start Time of Last Session = 255:255:255(FF:FF:FFh)
Last Possible Start Time for Startof Lead-out = 255:255:255(FF:FF:FFh)
Disc Bar Code = 0000000000000000h
Number of OPC Table Entries = 0

<< Track Information >>
Number of Complete Sessions on Disc = 1
Session 1 :
A0 = 0:0:0
A1 = 0:0:0
A2 = 0:0:0
Track Number 1
Track Start 0:2:0
Track Number 2
Track Start 0:26:23
Track Number 3
Track Start 4:41:32
Track Number 4
Track Start 8:39:66
Track Number 5
Track Start 13:36:71
Track Number 6
Track Start 18:37:41
Track Number 7
Track Start 23:20:35
Track Number 8
Track Start 24:0:57
Track Number 9
Track Start 27:50:54
Track Number 10
Track Start 32:15:10
Track Number 11
Track Start 37:18:69
Track Number 12
Track Start 40:49:71
Track Number 13
Track Start 44:40:70
Track Number 14
Track Start 47:54:5