LDW-401s and Nero

Any suggestions folks? Got this drive last week, installed it, windows/bios recognize it, burning apps other than nero that I’ve thrown at it do as well. No matter what I try, no matter what verison I attempt to use nero flat out refuses to recognize it. TIA to whoever can help me out!

Might be a dumb question but is the Nero you are using the one that came with the drive or is it from another burner? (Bundled Nero will only work with the burner it came with.)

Drive didn’t come bundled with nero. Nor are the versions I have bundled from another drive. I can go into more detail if needed … :cool:

Oh, btw. I have also upgraded firmware to esog as well.

It should work with Nero if I’m right… No it won’t work with Nero 5.5…

It works fine with Nero 5.5 retail here. From on up. Is someone using a “less than registered” version of Nero?