LDW 400D +/- Burner Info request



Hi! I’m an absolute recording newbie. My brand new computer is equipped with the LDW 400D. I have yet to attempt archiving any CD’s or DVD’s with it yet. The dudes who built my machine told me this is a great drive for just about anything. Any opinions on that, preferably based on first-hand experience, would be welcome.

My machine runs Windows XP Pro, if that has a bearing on anything. I have dual 120G Western Digital Serial ATA 7200rpm drives in a Raid 0 setup (striped) plus a 40G Seagate ATA-100 drive and an external 200G USB 2.0 drive for backups which is disconnected when not in use for that purpose. The motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-8KNXP with 1GB DDR RAM and an Intel 3ghz processor. This may not be state-of-the-art, but is a pretty hot system.

My choices were specified with an eye to working with graphics, video & sound and I certainly wish to archive CD’s and DVD’s with this system. Tell me if I’ve made any huge mistakes. I would like to know everything possible about the LDW 400D. I haven’t even figured out how to check the version of the firmware yet! I could use a little hand-holding concerning burning techniques, media and software. I really need to learn everything in this area.

I read the article comparing DVD copying software and was considering buying the InstantCopy (despite it’s lengthy copy times) and also considering DVD Xcopy Express (after all, the use of the copies I make will be to play back in English). Any anecdotal information concerning these will be of interest to me.

Thank you, any gurus who choose to reply. If any information is to be shared which may not be seemly at cdfreaks.com, feel free to email me at wpbinder@aol.com



It’s a Sony DRU-500A so if you search for that you can get more hits.