LDW-400D Available

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heres the drive we all have been waiting for!

4X/2X/8X DVD-R/RW / 4X/ 2.4X/8X DVD+R/RW / 24X/ 10X/32X CD-R/RW LDW- 400D Internal EIDE Combo Drive
Internal, EIDE Interface, 4X/2X/8X DVD- R/RW, 4X/2.4X/8X DVD+R/RW, 24X/ 10X/32X CD-R/RW, 4.7 GB, 250 ms DVD and 300 ms CD Random Access Time, 8 MB Buffer


Usually Ships: 1-2 Days

The 4X/2X/8X DVD-R/RW / 4X/2.4X/8X DVD+R/ RW / 24X/10X/32X CD-R/RW LDW-400D Internal EIDE Combo Drive from Lite-On allows you to capture, archive, organize and personalize your data and photos on DVD and CD. It delivers 4X DVD-R/+R writing, 2X/2.4X DVD-RW/+RW rewrite and 8X DVD-ROM read speeds. In addition to recording, rewriting and reading DVD discs at multiple speeds, it also features 24X CD-R write, 10X CD-RW rewrite and 32X CD-ROM read. The combo drive supports DVD DAO, Incremental Recording, Restricted Overwrite, Sequential Write and Random Access Write. It also supports CD Fixed Packet, Variable Packet, TAO, SAO, DAO, Raw Mode Burning and Over-Burn Write. With EIDE interface and plug-and-play compatibility, the LDW-400D is easy to install and use. The drive can be installed horizontally or vertically.

Manufacturer Part# LDW-400D
Dell Part# A0104087

Not to burst your bubble (honestly, I’m not being rude), but I think that is the same drive as the Sony DRU-500 or 510 and is available from a few more places than just Dell.

See this thread for more information.


I can confirm what ari says. It is in fact a rebadged Sony.

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