LDW-1213S defective after flashing? (Power Calibration Errors)

Hi all,

I think my 1213S is defective, I suspect a laser problem. I’ve tried the 1213S -> 1633S firmware from codeguys. That firmware seemed to work, but not completely. So I switched back to the original firmware for the 1213S.

Unfortunately, I can’t burn ANY dvd’s any more (Nero and DVD decrypter), they fail with Power Calibration Errors. I’ve tried several new DVD’s (different brands).

The ONLY dvd I can manage to write a DVD+RW.

Is there something I can do to solve this?!


It proves this firmware:


he gives very good results. I hope it works you.

have you got a new batch of media?..i used to get power calibration errors a lot…tried all sorts turned out is was a dodgy batch of media…(this was an nec drive though not liteon)…