I want to know, if anyone outhere knows where I can get a 6" color lcd display with touchmatrix (so a touchable lcd) that is compatible with a standard vga output conector (so I can hook it up directly to my pc) and that requires 12v dc to operate.

15" and up is easy to find in common stores, but a 6" wich touch matrix is bit harder :slight_smile: so if anyone knows something about a store (preferable in belgium) or a online store where I can order them, please let me know !



dunno, but an LCD monitor already cost the eyes, so a touchmatrix one will cost you the cock :wink:


yes I know, but I’m also happy if someone could give me an adress where I can get a normal 5" or 6" lcd (without a touchmatrix)
the ones I could find have a pal/ntsc output wich needs to be converted to vga (wich is as expensive as the lcd itselfs)
so any tips are welcome !



i said i dunno :wink:

#5 or try on


maybe hxxp://
dunno if they make colored lcd’s though.