LCD widescreen monitor help

I am currently in the market for an LCD widescreen monitor in the 20-22" range. The problem is I am overwhelmed by the sheer number of them on the market. I have demoed them in the stores until I can’t see straight. The problem is computer signal feed in the retail stores is so bad there is no way you can judge the quality of the monitor adequately.

Can anyone suggest a good quality monitor in the $350 and under range? I do not need or want speakers. I would no blurring for movement and clears accurate text and colors. Is there such a unit out there?

I have looked primarily at units from Samsung and Viewsonic.

Is there a generally accepted bang for the buck unit that is reasonably priced as well as good quality?

They all run at 1050 res, all have DVI, all have speakers, etc. etc. etc.

Do you need USB ports? Many of them have added ports on them.

As long as the specs on the screens are comparable, I’d say go with the best price. Yes, there will be differences in color profiles and display settings, all of which can be worked around. Response times are great, but in reality they don’t always seem to predict how the screen will actually perform. Most current models all perform well enough.

Do they all have similar policies regarding dead pixels? That’s a common complaint, and is also a compelling reason to buy one off the shelf so you can look at it before taking it home.

I do not need usb ports. There is a huge difference in price between say a unit from Acer and a unit by Samsung. What would be some typical minimum specs that I should accept as far as contrast and speed in order to get a very clear picture and text? Thus far buying a computer monitor seems to be pretty much a crapshoot.

I’m by no means an expert, but contrast ratio and black levels are important, response times all seem to run around 5 nowadays. I’d trust Samsung and Viewsonic before the no-name brands. NewEgg has a lot of LCD’s listed, and usually is a good place to go to compare specs and read user reviews.

Also, the adjustable stands are very popular, some will telescope, tilt and swivel.

I’ve had a Sceptre X20g-Naga III for a year and love it. I don’t think they still sell that model any more but here is something similar:

Sceptre x22wg-Gamer / 22" / 5ms / 1200:1 / WSXGA+ 1680 x 1050 / HDMI·DVI·VGA·USB / Black / Widescreen LCD Monitor

It’s nice for the price!

Look around…they have a nice selection ----> TigerDirect