LCD Screen strangeness



I am searching for a new monitor, and I am browsing various sites searching for a good compromise between price and performance. I am searching for a large screen (not lesser than 24") possibly fullHD.

Just for curiosity, I checked the LG M2394D. What I like in that monitor is the high number of connections, so I can (theoretically) connect more than a single computer to the same screen and save space on my desk (that is very chaotic :doh:).

So I downloaded the user manual and reading it I found something really weird :eek:

Take a look at the pictures. My question is: is it true that a LCD panel has this “side-effect”? :doh:

I don’t want mention the other thing reported in that page about defective pixels :Z


It can happen but its not done easily, I wouldn’t worry too much.

Other than the model being a year old there are a lot of happy users, AVS forum discussion


Thanks for the link :bow:

This post answered me to another question (i.e. if it is possible to connect more than a computer at the same time on that screen) :bigsmile:


I’d have a look at the following monitors, (all are IPS/H-IPS panels) which are way better than TN which is in the model you’ve been looking at.

HP LP2475W
DELL U2410

I would probably go for the Philips or HP myself.


Thanks DiiZzY :bow:


Did it help?


I found the HP LP2475W model in stores, and I almost faint :o

The price is not my-wallet-friendly :frowning:

As update, I found in a store the Samsung SyncMaster T260HD (tv monitor), and I was able to see it in person… The image quality is… :Z:Z:Z:Z:Z

It wasn’t possible to test it with a computer, but the television image quality was really ugly :doh:

The only nice thing of that screen is size: I’d like to have a 26" monitor indeed :bigsmile:

I’ll try to find the Philips somewhere, but it seems not more available in stores :doh: