LCD: problems with movies compressed by DVD2one?

I noticed that when I playback movies I compressed with DVD2one on my computer LCD screen, there are strange horizontal errors in the picture, kinda like ‘slits’, causing the part of the picture above the ‘slit’ and the part of the picture below the ‘slit’ to be somewhat disjointed, especially when there’s a lot of movement going on in the picture. When I burn the movie and play it back on my ‘normal’ TV, it looks perfectly fine.

Someone else mentioned in another thread having problems with movies compressed by DVD2one on an LCD TV as well (

Are other people with LCD/TFT displays/TV sets having the same problems?
Are other people with LCD/DLP beamers having the same problems?
As this is obviously caused by the data bits missing that DVD2one is ‘dropping’, can there be a solution to this in a future DVD2one version, or is it quite simply the nature of the app? (Rene B, any thoughts on that?)

These are, to me at least, very important questions, as flat panel/LCD technology is becoming cheaper all the time and will in the not too distant future completely replace ‘normal’ TV sets. And it would be ONE HELL OF A BUMMER if you bought a shiny new LCD TV or LCD/DLP beamer and all the movies you backed up with DVD2one were unwatchable because of the problems I described.

Hi there,
I am using dvd2one since the beginning of the year.
I play on my liteon litepanel 150 (lcd) and with my lcd projector Epson EMP-TW10. There are no problems at all.
Especially with long movies or dvd’s with a lot of extra material, i always go to the movie-only mode. I think that the compression otherwise will be to strong. So that will be my suggestion to everybody : always use the movie-only mode if you want the highest playback quality of your movie.
kind regards and succes

So far all has played fine on my LCD laptops. I have a Ti and a DELL D600. None of those problems came up.

Do you think it could be interlacing issues? Are your dvd backups fullscreen or widescreen?

No problems here with 15" TFT.

What resolution do you have your monitor set at ?

Are these problems also there with the original dvd’s or just the copy from dvd2one. And what amount of bites are you compressing too with dvd2one.
Perhaps by accident you have set these paramaters to low, it most be around the 4400 mb.
Check also if your HD is defragd (sometimes this will give problems) and as a last suggestion, there are no other programs running in the background during ripping, converting or burning.

Well, i always backup with the ‘movie only’ method + the movies I had problems with were widescreen.

I have an Apple Powerbook, the screen resolution is set to 1280 x 854 (the maximum resolution that is supported), 15,4 inch TFT.

By the way, I’m not quite sure, but after doing some research on the net I think the specific term for the problem I am experiencing may be ‘tearing’.

LCD panels has a fixed resolution of 1024 x 768 (15 inch), try using this and see what is happening. succes !

Some tearing do happen on Apple DVD player. I hate to say it, but the built in Apple DVD player is just terrible. Go to Apple forum and you’ll see some complaints about the current player. It needs a major update to improve quality. So its not DTOX. Its the Apple DVD player. Try VideoLan it may play a little better, but I think the mpeg decoder in Mac OS X needs fixing. Does anyone know if its tied in to Quicktime itself?

On PowerBooks, he has the right native resolutions. PowerBooks are Widescreen Formats…yeah I love the widescreen feature…and the all Titanium body…very sexy…

Ok, kroppoot, that was a good idea I should have had myself: I just tried the original disc of one of the problematic movies + there was the exact same tearing as well!

My deepest apologies to the makers of DVD2one! It’s such a great app + I am actually glad it’s the fault of my computer - no trouble with DVD2one compressed movies on my future LCD TV/beamer, that’s very good news.

As to my problems, maybe kagharaht is right and it’s all down to the Apple DVD player. I could live with that, I guess. It’s strange, though, that I never had this problem with my old (first generation) TiBook, and I watched loads of DVDs on that! Maybe the DVD Player in OS 9 was more stable or something.

I am sorry, i noticed to late that it was a aple notebool instead of a regular 15 inch tft.
I agree with the remark to try a different dvd player (software).

Yes on my Pismo with OS 9 the DVD playback was much better than OS X. Someone at Apple needs to put on their glasses and watch a DVD movie and see for themselves. I’ve sent this message to them and the threads at their site.

The easiest solutions lay always in front of our eyes and of course to forget to check the original dvd’s is just such a thing.
So don’t make to much appologies to us , it can happen to al of us. You know now it is not dvd2one but for 90 % the player.

Just tried VideoLanClient (VLC) 0.5.0, but no luck either: the same amount of tearing. Oh well…

Anyways thanks to all of you for your suggestions!