LCD Monitors

I was looking at getting an LCD monitor, and sore these (the 15” and 18” versions) they are made by AOC. I was looking at getting the 18” version (£470) but for the same price I could get 2x15” ones. I don’t think these will be tremendously good LCDs, as they seem dirt cheap, but does anyone know much about them or have one? And what do people think about whether to get 2x15” or 1x18”? They dont have any nice extras like a USB hub, or DVI, but as my graphics card dosent have a DVI connector that’s not a problem.

I would reconsider getting a LCD without the DVI option, it really maximises the quality. For my money, there is no other monitor but iiyama. iiyama I’m using the 17.5 model, viewable image is nearly the same as a 19" CRT, and the quality take my breath away. It also comes with a pivot mount, and I generally use it in the portrait orientation, which makes web browsing and page-oriented publishing a real pleasure. Have a look at iiyama’s specs and you’ll see where your money goes.