LCD monitors: Resolution vs. Size

Some to choose from:

  1. 17-inch LCD monitor with either DSUB 15-pin or both DSUB 15-pin and DVI connectors, 8ms or 12ms or 16ms or higher, 1280*1024 resolution, good viewing angles and good contrast ratio, pivot or not, LG or Samsung panel of the latest productions, cheap and common AD (analog-to-digital) board, no component, no composite, no SVHS, no optical or co-axial. US$200.

  2. 20-inch LCD monitor/TV with all kinds of connectors on expensive AD board, 1600*1200 resolution, US$500.

  3. 23-inch LCD monitor/TV. US$600, 1280*768 16:9 HD ratio but poor quality.

  4. 24-inch LCD monitor. US$1,000 or over. 1920*1200. Lots of connectors, very expensive AD board, lots of accessories even including PIP and remote controller.

  5. 30-inch LCD monitor/TV. US$1,200. 1280*768, similar to the 23-inch LCD TV but larger.

Which would you choose?

2…but 4 if i could afford it…

#1 - because of price (writing this words on LG L1715S :), which I bought a year ago)

I have the dell 2001fp LCD using digital via a geforce 6800. I just got done playing the new Pariah demo, and there is no ghosting at all (even firing rockets), Great picture, and I got it for around $400.00 with coupons. There are deals all the time in the $500.00 dollar range.

Todays price: 30% off Dell 2001FP 20.1" LCD code 0Q45PXFG7X7N28 = $464 [Exp 6/18, 4k]

In that case, I would get quad * Dell 20-inch. :bigsmile: The 20-inch I wrote about above isn’t Dell, isn’t LG, isn’t Samsung, but of a very small and cheap brand. LG or Samsung 20-inch LCD would cost like US$1,000 in South Korea. 22-24 inches… 2,000 dollars.

There are some people that sell raw (?) 23-inch or 24-inch LCD panels and they cost like 1/3 or 1/4 of LG/Samsung monitors. AD boards, case, inverters, OSD boards, cables, remote controllers, and other things should take a lot as well but the total cost still can’t exceed half of the final products from LG/Samsung.

I’ve got another option for you. Hyundai is based over in korea, so you might just be able to get your hands on one. How about the L90D+, I have one and it’s schweet. It’s 8ms response time, 700:1 contrast ratio, 300cd/m brightness, and an 8 bit backplane (full 24 bit color). The pannel is actually made by samsung, 19" 1280x1024 resolution, with a nice anti-glare finish on the front. The stand is kinda cool that comes with it too, it has a height adjustment, and you can rotate it, tilt it up and down. Viewing angles are nice too, I think 165 degrees for left to right and looking down on it. I dunno how this works, but if you’re under it looking up, that’s the only way the viewing angle gets kinda funky, it’s only 150 degrees. I didn’t beleive that spec until I slid it to the edge of my desk and sat on the floor! It does actually have a limitation looking up at it. I have it set so I look at it almost dead on with it tilted up slightly at me. You can tilt it down slightly on it’s stand if needed. I could care less about this, I’m never going to mount it above me! The only thing I don’t like about it are the buttons, they suck. Some doofus decided to put them up under the front right corner of it, and they’re a PITA to operate. You push them once, and it does the function twice. Then finding which one does what sux too, there are only 4 of them. Once you get it set though, there’s no reason to touch it! The inputs are standard VGA D-SUB, and DVI, comes with both cables. Also, it doesn’t have a power supply brick, it has a powersupply built right in, and an AC plug in the back like a laptop. Anyways, great monitor, and it’s only $350 or so over here. They don’t have to take it far to get it to you, their headquarters is in korea. :iagree:

Hyundai and Daewoo are South Korean companies as well of course but since they are big names, not good for South Koreans. :slight_smile:

NONE of my monitors I buy myself are from any of those big names. There are hundreds of small companies that make LCD monitors in South Korea. It’s much easier for the bigger companies like Samsung and Hyundai to export to US and Europe because they are well established already in overseas markets and they have their own trading companies under their group (sometimes called “jaebol.”)

The three big LCD panel makers in South Korea are LG, Samsung, and Hyundai. They were also once the three big DRAM chip makers but later the government forced LG to sell its DRAM business and ultimately became LG + Hyundia = Hynix. LG started their LCD business with Philips making LG-Philips LCD. Samsung started alone but has done very well so far.

Anyway, what matters here is that it’s cheaper to import exported LCD monitors from US to South Korea than to buy locally. Be glad you are living in free markets. :bigsmile:

If #5 is on the list, then your budget is over $1,000. I would choose Dual 20" LCD. :slight_smile:

In your case, I think 20-inch makes more sense. 12801024 on 17 inches can’t be as good as 16001200 on 20 inches. 19201200 on 23-24 inches is best for now but costs 3-4x more than one 16001200 on 20 inches here and about 2-3x in US market. Sharp is going on with 8th-generation LCD lines and Samsung and LG-Philips starting 7G products, so larger panels are going to become much cheaper.

BTW, for me, the most important factor is not unit cost but power consumption per unit. Typical 20-inch LCD monitors consume a lot of power compared to 15-inch and 17-inch monitors even though two 17-inch monitors are bigger than one 20-inch. 23- to 30-inch monitors seem to consume nearly as much power as CRT HDTVs of similar size. Which is why I’m right now using a 14-inch LCD of 1024*768 resolution and Intel 845G graphic.

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There are not many Korean words there:

Display Area
Panel Size
Viewing Angle
Response Time

There are also tables for notebook panels and TV panels.

I have had my eye on this model for a while but i wont pay uk rip off prices untill they come down a bit which they are doing now…

Hyundai is often regarded as 2nd or 3rd class in South Korea. After Samsung and LG. Daewoo = even worst = outcast.

Custom-made. WUXGA 1920*1200, 16ms.

LM230W02 23-inch panel + WU1000 AD board. It even has DVI-D and component inputs.

now that’s a nice display…

:iagree: wanna_have

It’s so good that the seller had 10 units a few days ago and they were instantly sold out. He says the next sales will be in about 3 weeks and lots more people are waiting. I hope Dell will have such monitors for under US$1,000. And please add an HDTV tuner and DivX/HDTV player/recorder. :bigsmile:

LG in this week lowered the domestic price of LG 23-inch 1920*1200 wide LCD TV/monitor from US$2,500 to US$1,000. Price without tax and other small fees seem to be around US$800.

GSeShop = former LGeShop, one of LG’s online shopping malls. LG group was recently divided into a few and one of them is GS group. (The other two are LG and LS.)

The external box is called “Media Station” which makes cabling simpler.

Currently using a 17" 1280x1024 - I’d say the Pixel size is a litle samall for ideal viewing distance, and the support for “large fonts” is very patchy - many applications have trouble with that.

If your graphics card supports DVI, then that is a good feature to get in a monitor, since it avoids the analog conversion.

Also depends if you want it to be capable of independent TV use, as you can use a TV card in the PC to put TV onto any monitor.

LCD monitors are, to a degree, fixed resolution… while they may support lower than native resolution, they artifact quite badly (for analog, worse in the vertical than the horizontal), and fine patterned backgrounds can look horrible.

For action gaming, the effect is not as bad - and, of course, a 1600x1200 would be artifact-free at 800x600 since that is exactly half.