LCD Monitor/What does all the numbers mean?

How’s everyone? Im looking at getting a new monitor for my new gaming rig im building. This is my first build and monitor purchase and it’s going to be for gaming! Does it matter the size? When i look at the specifications for a monitor im lost and don’t know what any of it means. I need a lay down on everything.

I guess this means resolution (1920x1200). What does each set of numbers mean andf should I be looking for lower or higher? What does pixel pitch mean (0.282mm) and should I be looking for larger(0.382mm) or lower(0.182mm) numbers? Brightnes (400cd/m2) what does this mean and shoul I be looking for lower ex. (300cd/m2) or higher ex.(500cd/m2)? Contrast Ratio, when its layed out like this what does it mean and what does it mean all together DC 3000:1(2000:1)? Should I be lookin for lower/higher (1000:1/4000:1) numbers? Response Time, 5ms what is this and should I be looking for lower/higher(ms), (6ms/4ms)? Horizontial Refresh Rate, 24-94 KHz what does this mean and shoul I be looking for highr/lower (64-112 KHz/12-20 KHz) Khz? Vertical Refresh Rate, 48-85 Hz what does this mean and shold I be looking for lower/higher (28-65/68-105Hz) Hz? Display Type, WUXGA what does that mean and what is recomended? I herd on time a while ago someone saying 400 nitts, do u know what that means?

What monitor would you guys/gals recomend for gaming? I was looking at a HP w2408h Black 24" monitor, would that be a good gaming monitor?

Now all the info I asked about, would it be the same for a television? Would you guys/gals recomend LCD,Plasma, or DLP?

I know I asked alot and if I get any info., thank you for bareing with me!!! -j-

This thread has all the information you need:

The BenQ G2400WD or the BenQ V2400W are two of the best choices for a 24" gaming monitor.