Lcd monitor color calibration




I saw a sweet looking 20" 1600 X 900 HP 2009M monitor at officemax for $129.00
The reviews have been preety good for a TN panel. I’m on a budget plus I have a few store credits that will bring total to about $65.00

alternatively, I could get a “slightly” used Dell 2007wfp, but I don’t know if its an LG s-ips or Samsung pva. Cost $100.00

I’m leery on used lcd’s, so I’m leaning twards the HP. Thoughts appreciated

Can anyone recomend a freeware color calibrator? (ok stop laughing!)

or would I be wasting my time. I do a little photoshop from time to time and would like to get the color accuracy as good as possible.



or would I be wasting my time.[/QUOTE]


TN Panels and color accuracy are mutually exclusive. If you are doing any real Photoshop work, a TN panel of any variety will not be acceptable.

You would get far more benefit by replacing the awful non adjustable stands on any of the LCD’s with an adjustable stand than you ever could by calibrating.

I would also be leery of a used LCD purchase, unless I personally knew the seller and had access to the service menu to gauge how long the display had been used.