LCD growing, plasma losing



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Last December flat-panel HDTV sales grew 27% according to a new report from Pacific Media Associates. The report showed that LCD is slowly taking plasma’s marketshare. LCD already dominates the…

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After recently signing the joint venture deal with Hitachi, Pansonic is going to release big screen LCD’s in addition to it’s big screen Plasmas. Until now, Pansonic has had only small screen LCD’s, and big screen Plasmas (there was no overlap in model sizes). The roadmap for LCD shows that it would be cheaper than Plasma. Plasma has some technical advantages over LCD, but price-wise, LCD has a brighter future. So I think that from now on, Panasonic would turn Plasma into a premium high end product, and not a mainstream one. Panasonic is one of the biggest and most dominant producer of Plasma screens, so its moves would certainly effect all the industry, and others would follow them. Personally, if I hadn’t seen the new prototype from the Pioneer “Project Kuro” - Full HD 50" size, 9mm thick and with an infinite contrast - I wouldn’t have thought that Plasma has any prospect at all. But after seeing it - I think that plasma still has great technical potential. The only big problem could be its price.
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Plasma is better than LCD if you have a very large screen. the reason being is that if you have a very large screen, you most likely will have it in a very large room. With plasma, no matter were you are in the room, you see the same picture. It makes no difference if you are sitting or standing either. LCD, seems sensetive to height. If you are too low or high from the centrer “sweet spot” the image quality darkens and suffers.


Half the problem is that manufacturers aren’t making as many plasmas avaliable for purchase. I usually see 3 LCD TVs for sale to every 1 Plasma & that is just 42" & up category. I really don’t understand why anyone would be able to tolerate LCDs myself. The display quality is noticably inferior, especially at off angles.


Forget LCD. Bring on OLED!


Posted by neo1918 on Sunday 17 February 2008 00:11 Forget LCD. Bring on OLED!
Even as you post this OLED will be outdated :d Manufacturers are (as always) allready a step ahead. OLED’s are being stocked today so we can draw the wallet for a “new” generation of TV Screens that supposed to be better to what is sold today.