LCD and Refresh Rate for gaming help

not too long from now i’ll be grabbing an lcd monitor hopefully and for quite some time i’ve really only had 1 main question about them…i do some gaming and wanna make sure i get a good refresh rate on the monitor and was wondering…does a 2ms or 5 ms lcd make a big difference? or is it just miniscule to the point wherre u cant see the difference?..i’ve noticed that the 2ms models are a hair higher in terms of price but thought i would chime in here and see what ya’lls thoughts were…2ms or 5ms…does it matter?

i’ve been looking at Newegg and its a maze to me…should i get one with 2ms or 5ms response time? should i get a model that has native HD(1920x1080) resolution and is it any better or worse than getting just a lcd “monitor” etc

It’s really subjective, some are more sensitive to refresh and input lag then others. Personally, I put a higher priority on panel type as image quality is of much more importance to me then “speed” or lack thereof.

My very tired Dell 1905 is long overdue for an upgrade, it has an IPS panel which makes looking at any of the TN panels, regardless of spec just look awful. I’m not much of a FPS gamer anymore, but I have not had one issue with my display and the games I’ve played on my system.

As far as 1920x1080 vs 1920x1200, I would say go with the 1200. 1080 is really crippled for general computing use, and the difference in resolution won’t make a difference for gaming. If your card can handle 1920x1080, it will handle 1920x1200 just the same.

thanks for the reply…its tough reading thru all the reviews and specs…since my old crt has ran like a champ its like starting from scratch with LCD…totally new to it and dont wanna get sumthin that i’ll be disappointed in…will try between a 22 to 25 inch and see what it will look like…thankfully prices arent too bad either…they use to be a tad high for me…glad i waited this long


I’ve read that a CRT is better for gaming, but I don’t know if CRTs are available any longer. If they are, I’d get a CRT for gaming.

I’m of the opinion that the problem associated with processing lag is overstated. While it is known that CRT displays are “faster”, I don’t think this makes up for their obvious shortcomings.

CRT displays are bulky, heavy, they waste power, have flicker and convergence issues. LCD is not without it’s own shortcomings but it is a technology that is still evolving.

I believe there are many reasons the CRT is going the way of the dinosaur and in this day there just isn’t any reason to seriously consider one.

for me its that the prices are about the same as what i paid for this CRT i’m on…so i thought why not grab a big 23/25 inch lcd and try it…i could use the extra space on my desk as my viewsonic is rather deep and large…i guess its just im ready to move on up to the next level… LCD