[LCD] 60Hz vs 120Hz

What is the difference between getting an LCD that is 60Hz and 120Hz. Which one should I get, I understand that that the 120Hz is actually better. But I have seen many people have mixed emotions “some good, some bad feelings” towards 120Hz. So which one should I get, I cannot surpass $1999.99 dollars.

So which one?

46" Samsung 120Hz


52" Samsung 60Hz

Overall, though, I heard that 120Hz is better. So which one should I get, should I sacrifice the 120Hz for more inches, or get the 46"in with 120Hz and sacrifice size. The inches difference is huge, its 6"inches.

I had the same question so check out the replies.


So, should I sacrifice screen size and get 120Hz or should I sacrifice 120Hz for a bigger screen that has 60hz?

The ONLY way to tell is to go and watch the TV. Same program on both if you can. Flowing water I find is the best test.

Pick the one that looks best. Different specs and techs mean nothing if you don’t like the picture. Your th eone watching it for the next 10 years. :wink:

Also how big is the room it’s going into? You need the sapce on a large tv to view it properly. Generally (before people jump in :wink: ) you need to be seated at least 1 foot away per every 10" screen size plus a couple of extra feet.

So on the 46" you need to be 4.6 + 2 feet away. So about 6.5 feet
The 52" you need to be 7.2 feet away.

Also in general bigger tv’s look worst overall. Same number of pixels over a larger area along with light source in the tv.

Just a general comment, but something worth noting. If your intend purpose for the T.V. is to have a variety of different types of input, IE. DTV, HDTV, etc the lesser the quality of the source will be amplified more on the larger screen and it might not be something that you will like.

By the way the links given both say that each model of Samsung are 120Hz.


You really should check out the LN-T 4671if you are set on Samsung and 120 Hz. I own this one and am really happpy with it so far. You jumped from the LN-T4669 to the LN-T 5271 and may have missed the 4671

I ultimately chose the 60hz over the 120 because I actually prefer a mat or semi mat finish.
Of the glossy finish sets, the 120 was a bit better, but a lot more expensive.
If the set is too big, SD, XVID, DIVX etc will look pretty gross even with a good upscaler.
Paid $999 for my Samsung 4061 at Frys over the holidays, but there are lots of good sets.