LCD 20vs23vs24 cons and pros?

I was wondering has anyone done some real comparison with LCD monitors of 20 vs. 23 vs. 24 inch size? I currently have a 20 in but like to go to 23 or 24 size would I really gain any real benefit in doing so?

Well…you would gain 3-4 inches, which is something people must be interested in judging by all the spam with such claims. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, I don’t think it makes much sense to go by other people’s experience with different-sized monitors.

It depends on more than just size; it depends on resolution (number of pixels), image quality, pixels per inch, your eyesight, how much room you have on your desk, etc.

Why not determine how much room you have on your desk, how much money you have in your budget, all other requirements for the monitor such as e.g. speakers, USB hubs, must it support 90-degree rotation etc., and then go to a store and look at the various monitors that fit your requirements to determine first-hand, which monitors look good to your eyes?

I thought about it just like you said DrageMester and looking at the hike in price in just one inch difference about made me take a double take…
:doh: :doh:

Reason being was because of a new game coming out from SpellBound called
[B][B]ArcaniA: Gothic 4[/B][/B]

Which uses DirectX 11 which I currently have and will upgrade my GPU to a GTX OC 460 that uses DirectX which I found at a very good steal of a price. My current GPU a GTX260core216 doesn’t do DirectX 11 but DirectX10. The prices from Newegg that I see for at least a 24 was 180US and that is pretty high considering the GPU GTX460 is 220US right now and once I spend that well that means the monitor will have to wait til the prices comes down more to buy it.

You get higher resolution and possible (which is much more important) an IPS panel which is a lot better than the shitty TN panels. Why would you need a new video card? It needs at least 9.0c which your card supports…