Layout question


I have searched by every key word I can think of and can’t find an answer to this, so here goes.

As far as the file browser/compilation layout size goes is there a way to re-size it and have it stick/saved? It’s been very annoying for long time now, it seems like it used to work but I can’t remember which version. What I mean is that each time you/I start a new project/compilation the windows default back to a browser window (on the left in my case) that is much to small to see enough info. Track names pane in the middle is ok but I would like to make the compilation window on the right smaller and the file browser larger and not have to do it every d@#n time.

I found a post by nekrosoft13 way back in 4/05 but that never seemed to be answered. Can anyone help out here?


Oh, currently running if that matters.


No one else has this problem?

No reply, not even your SOL dude?



Yes at last I’ve found someone with the same problem. :bow: It was working fine but now I get a tiny browser box when I’m trying to add files for converting. Its driving me mad. No-one seems to have heard of it. Wonder if we need a plug-in or something?? :a