Layerbreak at DVD+R DL?


After a took a look on some DL-scans I saw a few DL-media have the layerbreak on half the capacity of the DL-media, most have the layerbreak on the half of the burned data.

All these DLs contains data, not DVD-Video

I used different burning software, mostly Nero 12 Essentials and Imgburn

On which component does the layerbreak depend? Software, DVD-writer, … ?

I think you can select layer break point in Imgburn. Personally never used it.

It’s determined in the writing software but check out this guide I did a few years ago for some useful information.


Yep, I saw this feature. Also never used it because it was made for DVD-Video, my usecase is more for data-


Thanks, I have to check it out

I saw my burns with the iHAs 124 F and HP DH16 (LiteOn-OEM) have the layerbreak at half the disc-capacity, most of my GH24NSB0-burns also, but not all.

All burns with Asus SDRW-08D2S-U, Pioneer DVR-S21, Samsung SH-222BB,LG GTB0N have the layerbreak at half the capacity of the data.

I used different burn software, so I can´t exactly say why the GH24NSB0-burns are different.

I would prefer the layerbreak at half the disc-capacity because the burn and read speed is higher in this case. In most cases it´s software for testing which gets installed often, so the speed-up is welcome :slight_smile:

I would set the layerbreak manually, but which sector it is?

To be honest I’ve never had the need to adjust the settings for data discs.

By default, as far as I’m aware, Imgburn splits the data and puts the same number of sectors on each layer so I just have it set to automatic and let it get on with it.

Bear in mind that if you adjust the settings it will continue to do the same with every disc until you change it back to automatic.

Yep, maybe you don´t install a DVD up to 50x :wink: ?

I´m not absolute sure but it looks like the used writer is also a criteria? If you take a look at some scans here, you can see I´ve burned a few DLs with different writers and the LiteOn-burned DLs set the layerbreak at half the disc capacity and the ofter drives set the layerbreak at half the data capcity.

I guess it would no problem for me if I set the layerbreak manually, but I dunno which sectorI should set.

Well to meet the data DVD specs the maximum number of sectors for Layer 0 is 2,074,496 which ultimately determines the maximum capacity of a DVD-9 layer. Layer 0 has to be bigger than Layer 1 and as the layerbreak can’t be within a 16 sector ECC block the chosen sector number must be evenly divisible by 16.

You can experiment to see how close you want to push it towards this limit.

ImgBurn lets you set your layerbreak position regardless of the drive. It’s free, and it’s a fantastic program, so give it a try and see how it goes.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I use Imgburn since some month in most cases, I will do some experiments with it the next times I burn DL-media :slight_smile:

After burning a few of DL DVD Video (scans will be follow) I don´t know what Imgburn do.

The warning, if I ignore the layerbreak, sounds not nice, so I chosen a point with a green star.

At the burning-process my drives do some speed jumps, just like the laserhead would not works from inside to outside and vice versa. It looks like it brn something here, something there, randomly.

The other point is, the finalising of the media tooks sometimes minutes

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Well the best location for the layerbreak will be determined from the video content as shown in my guide.

If you change it to something different then there’s no guarantee it’ll perform exactly the way you’d like.

I use the preview-function of Imgburn. But I don´t understand why my drives act so crazy at burn DVD Video DL

Is there any other option to change booktype? I know the option in general and drive-specific. Both options don´t work with some drives like the GH24NSC0.

My old Nero 7 can do this

I always burn with booktype set to DVD-ROM in Imgburn and I don’t have any problem with ASUS DRW-24D5MT.

But I want physical disk-/booktype

With some writers I can choose it in Nero, but Imgburn ignore settings for this if the writer is set to DVD-ROM