Layer breaks?



I’m running the AnyDVD I can’t find any literature that confirms either way that the rip function maintains the layer break. For certain movies, I don’t want to compress at all. I’ll burn to +DL.

I’ve found posts that claim it does, but there is nothing concrete @




try reading this thread
edit:oh you talking about using the ripper in anydvd? i assume it does…
edit: i never used the ripper yet.


The ripper function in any dvd only puts the VOB files IFO files and so on it won’t compress it or ISO it. That all I can say from what I read. If you want to ISO it use decrypter or clondvd to do it either one maintains the layer break.


clonedvd won’t but clonecd will maintain the layerbreak


Clonecd will do it, as an alternative try dvddecrypter and Imgburn.


This is my current method and it works well. I was just wondering If I had another alternative.

Thanks guys.


will cloneCD + AD be able to rip thru the new sector protections such as on Narnia?


Use dvd decrypter to do your rippings. To use it with latest titles, you need the plugin. Read this guide


Use dvd decrypter to do your rippings. To use it with latest titles, you need the plugin. Read this guide
why would he need the plugin if he has anydvd
and dvddecryptor


ooops I missed the “AD” :doh:


lol no worries geno


Actually it’s important, because the plugin can’t work with anydvd running in background


yes it will. i just put the dvd in and then started clonecd and made image and then burned onto +r dl. it was simple.


hobo10 and others
Thanks for input
I never really paid any atention to the layer break
until I saw these posts and also started using DL media for the longer movies

I of course would not not want a weird set layer break

If you use clone dvd to rip a long dvd ie greater than 4.4gb and use option 2
ie Clone a DVD including all titles and menus and have quality setting at DVD+/-R DL
would the layer break then be maintained? under these conditions ie you are in fact trying to clone the whole dvd?


As far as I am aware CloneDVD will recalculate the layer break, even if you select everything on the disc. I am sure Tru said ages ago that you can use the Write Existing Data option and just point it at the original disc and this will keep the layer break - although I am willing to be proven wrong on this as I really can’t remember.

If you are doing the whole disc, just use CloneCD or DVDDecrypter as previously suggested, just to be sure!


ClondeDVD [B]will not[/B] maintain the layer break. :disagree:


yeah i was just going to say, lol wtf? Yeah, you have to use dvd decypter to maintain the layer break. I used clone dvd to rip the video files and nero to write at 4x on my sony drx-800ul, and i got 70% QS score. Using decrypter to write to image and then write from that to disc at 4x i got 93%. :bigsmile:


No, that’s not accurate. I routinely use CloneCD to make DL 1:1 backups and it keeps the layer break information just fine. DVD Decrypter does so in ISO read and write mode, as well, but, it’s not the only thing that keeps the layer break info.


if clonedvd fricks up the layer break point
that would be very sucky indeed
as I believe the definition of clone is a near perfect copy

In actuality, I have never observed a sucky LBP in my backups
I guuss the eye cannot see what the mind does not know

Until I saw this thread i lived in blissful ignorance


I’ve studied this topic a lot lately, Zaq, and believe me when I say I’ve learned quite a bit. The short version is that NO transcoder preserves the layer break. Period. CloneDVD attempts to make a fairly intelligent guess as to where it should go, but, apparently it gets it wrong sometimes. The original layer break is the best as it was put there for a reason. Hence, if I’m doing DL I just do a CloneCD 1:1 copy and preserve the original layer break.