Layer breaks, kong and other programs

Thanks to everyone for your quick and helpful responses on all my previous posts.
I have been ranting about my failed attempt to copy King Kong to a SL the other day.

I also tried a (non verbatim) DL back up of Sith a few weeks ago and had freezing problems at the layer change point.

From what I can gather some of you recommend that DVD Fab Express to make a DL copy should be fine as long as I use a good quality verbatim DL disc I bought one this morning for one last attempt at doing King Kong later today. I ony have one shot at this.
Other threads seem to suggest that the problem with the pic freezing at the layer break is not yet solved (I have since downloaded the latest software update) but I’m not sure if I’ve interpreted all these posts correctly i.e. are they out of date due to recent versions etc etc? There’s a thread that makes it look like Narnia and Underworld problems are out there and someone said that is now solved or something. Anyway enough of that.

Some of you seem to suggest AnyDVD for DL burning with some other bits to use with is like DVdecrypter whatever that is.

I do not have Nero so if I have to buy Anydvd as well for good results do I have to buy other stuff? (rhetorical q - please don’t answer that one).

I am assuming that this only applies to long films like Narnia or a LOTR, Kong or the forthcoming Da Vinci Code. Other normal length films like star wars have been ok. I 'm happy to adopt a rule of thumb for films above 140 mins if that rule is reliable and get a box of DL discs for that purpose.

Can you do me a favour? How about you write a sentence with your own preferred formula (just for these problematic long movies) that reads for example:

DVD Fab Express (latest version necessary!) Verbatim (no other brand!!!) DL disc.


AnyDVD, Nero something, any brand of DL disc.


DVD Copy X, Acme decrypter, Sony motorcycle burn engine, whojamawotsit doodah thingy, Any SL disc.

Just all the bare minimum ingredients that give you your personal satisfactory results. The different responses below will be of enormous assistance.

Thank you all, I’d buy you all a beer if I could.


AnyDVD + CloneCD and Verbatim +R DL media

Are you attempting to reauthor these discs or straight backups ? . This question does make a difference .

This is the guide i use to burn DL discs. It looks a lot more complicated than it is but it never fails unless i do something stupid. Doing it this way you can sometimes pick the layer break where it doesn’t show plus i use pcgedit to disable the playback of all the unnecessary garbage at the beginning of the movie. You can make a disc region-free, remove all of the restrictions, basically some amazing things. You do need twice the HD space because the programs create an iso with the layer break and then burns it for you and this process only takes a few minutes if you have 2 HDs. All of the programs are free.


There was a lot of info on the old forum…lost unfortunately, but here’s a thread Express DL Burns that still has useful and current info…probably worth a read.

The fab apps (express and gold) will do a great job creating DL bkups…except for the LB. The LB is very player dependent…a small blip to an inconsistent freeze, pause, etc.

Here’s my personal experience. My Liteon standalone plays these perfectly, no discernible LB. My RCA’s (2), barely a blip, my samsung…4-5 second pause to a complete freeze…sometimes have to eject disc and FF past the LB.

Having said this, my personal favorite method is dvdd in combo with AnyDVD (I own this as well) and burn with Img. This method produces a flawless bkup everytime. I’m hoping for an improvement with fab/vso soon…in the new V.3.***…? when.

I don’t see why you can’t use another decrypter, such as RipIt4me with dvdd. You’ll need an up-to-date decrypter for many recent releases.

Here is an excellent guide by Cynthia (cynthia old) on dvdd:

I personally am looking for the simplest method…keep hoping for 1 click express…you know, set it and forget it… :bigsmile:

I know the process sikoone posted with PgcEdit works very well. I seems cumbersome to me, but to be fair, I’ve never used it and I hear it’s much quicker than it looks. I know ppl. use it, so I’m sure it’s less labor intensive than it looks. Anyway, that’s just my 2 cents.

to answer the above q, backups I guess, just quick copies.

do excuse, but what is Img? and what is vso? and what does it mean when people are asked to send the vso files somewhere? (have I got that right?)

Img is a burn utility developed by LIGHTNING UK!..the very same developer of dvddecrypter. Here’s the Img home link

VSO is the default burn engine for fab…I’ll post back with the home link…btw, portmac, here on cdf, is a VSO rep.

Here’s the home link for vso.

At the completion of the burn with fab and vso…burn data is sent to vso’s data base in order to update/improve their product. Portmac has assurred us that no personal/other info is sent. You can enable/disable this function via your firewall. I think they attempted a fix…a few versions back…it relates to issues re: to finalizing and firewall conflicts. You can do a search for this.

I believe mainman has answered this question perfectly but you could also use regionfree and dvdecryptor also

I just remembered that dvdecrypter is the freebie from dvdidle. As I have bought DVD fab express to I automatically have DVDecrypter? i.e. if I got regionfree alone would I be all set?