Layer break

I hope no one accuses me of not reading enough posts but I have looked around here for the last half hour. DL blanks are a tad expensive here in the UK so I thought I’d ask before I do another test. Since my last attempt I have gone from Fab Express to Gold (well we all had to didn’t we?) and there have been some improvements. Anyway the last time I used it to do a 1:1 copy to a DL disc (before I went from Express to Gold) there was stuttering about a minute either side of the layer break point.
I was wondering if anyone can confirm whether this still happens or not. I also have Any DVD and Clone CD which does not suffer from this, purely for those longer films like King Kong for which a DL is necessary as compressing those on to a SL results in a pulsating picture. If DVD FAb Gold can now match these results I no longer need two programs.


I use Platinum which is Gold plus other functions. I have had no problems with LB in Clone mode and have not heard any complaints about LB problems in version 3. Tom (mainemain) does a lot of DLs, so search for his posts or PM him.