Layer break

Should CloneDVD2 remove layer break if I’m doing a 1:1 copy?
Isn’t that layerbreak necessary when burning onto a DVD+R DL disc?


Yes but it will reset the layer break to where it needs to be, even though it will likely be the same place.

why would you bother using cloneDVD2 if you’re making a 1:1 copy? just use DVD Decrypter to ISO Read then Write.

Why would I want download and install a piece of software I don’t use instead of the one already installed on my system?

Anyway I use CloneCD to copy as that also will do DVD to DVD 1:1 copies (I know because I have done it just to see if it worked) :smiley: it uses the same write engine as CloneDVD (WriteDVD.dll)

relax mate, just a suggestion as Decrypter is already known to handle the layer break appropriately. i don’t use CloneDVD2 and just figured it would analyze the disc for no reason since there’s no need for compression and thus waste your precious time. good luck :rolleyes:

With CloneDVD if there is no reason for compression it simply doesn’t do it! magic :slight_smile: